49 Calming Crafts for Adults Relaxing When Stressed

Today we will be talking all about calming crafts for adults! 

Calming Crafts for Adults

As adults, I think we can both agree that ADULTING isn’t always fun.

I am always on the search of finding calming crafts for adults that are catered to my own mental health.. or just simply because I want a new craft. πŸ˜›

Since we all come from different walks of life, I wanted to give you A BUNCH of creative stress relievers that you can enjoy by yourself, with friends, or family.

I hope you enjoy!

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Easy Paper Crafts

Adult Coloring Books

coloring books for adults

If you are looking for easy art projects, adulting coloring books are awesome!

In recent years, I have reached more to color and paint in between lines to help distract me from anxious thoughts.

Paper Straws Flags

You might be asking yourself, why this craft?!

Making paper straw flags are a simple way to lose track of time while you make cupcake toppers, margarita decor, or add a fancy touch to your children’s school lunch boxes!


The perfect way to connect as adults or with little kids is making origami.

I have found that following a VISUAL step-by-step tutorial that goes through instructions SLOWLY works best for me.

Paper Quilling

hobbies and crafts for adults quilling

If you love repetitive crafts, you will LOVE adding paper quilling to your creative activities!

All you do is cut a bunch of paper strips, roll/fold, and create easy craft projects that you can display.

Minimalist One-Line Drawing

A fun activity *that also makes a great challenge* is making a drawing using ONE LINE ONLY.

The process might be simple, but there is no way to fully know what the final product will look like.. which is the most exciting part!!

Paper Chain

A fun craft great for little kids and parents to do together, is making a paper chain!

Affirmation Jar Notes

happiness jar for a friend

The perfect craft if you don’t have a lot of “creative juice” flowing through your veins, is making affirmation notes!

Cut a few strips of paper, add affirmations for yourself, and read the amazing things you love about yourself when you have anxious thoughts or negative emotions.

Paper Coasters

A good way to create craft activities and home decor SIMULTANEOUSLY, is making paper coasters!!

You can use cardboard, cardstock, and markers to get you started.

Tracing Images

Tracing images is a fun project to do when you are in the mood for a fun craft that is simple to follow.

Scrapbook Making

scrapbooking crafts for adults

You can opt to gather all the materials to create a scrapbook such as scrapbook paper, ribbons, fancy markers, chenille stems, etc.

You can also opt to get a scrapbook kit to help you out!!

Want to try out even more craft hobbies? Check out these hobbies here:

Paper Fashion Dolls

Another craft craft activity perfect for kids and parents is creating paper fashion dolls using paper and pom poms!

All you have to do is cut out a paper human and have your kids create clothing pieces and hairstyles for their paper dolls.

Paper Ornaments

If the holiday season is approaching, making paper ornaments is perfect to decorate the Christmas tree AND create timeless keepsakes that you can use years later.

Bullet Journaling

bullet journal for non creatives

As someone who has taken on bullet journaling (especially watercoloring in my bullet journal more recently), I can definitely vouch that bullet journaling is a calming way to relax at home or on the go!

Paper Fan

During the summer, I have found that creating a paper fan has helped me a) beat boredom and b) stay cool!

Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are perfect to add to collages or fake flower vases.

Thankfully, there are many tutorials online nowadays to follow!

Fun Art Therapy Activities

String Art

string art crafts


You can make ones that say words, fruit, cool-looking glasses, ice cream??  

I HAD to recommend this cute heart string art kit to get you started!

Acrylic Painting

There is no wrong way to have fun with acrylic painting.

You can try your hand at making a beautiful painting of a sunset or recreate a popular meme that you can frame proudly in the bathroom lol.

Finger Painting

One of the best parts about finger painting is that the supplies needed are MINIMAL.

Paint, paper and fingers.. definitely doable if you have little time have little ones πŸ™‚


healing activities for adults pottery

One of the BEST THINGS about sculpting is that you can USE your end result if you make a cup, vase, or decorative piece!

Sand Art

Sand art is a great project to get crafty with if you want a calming activity that takes little time and can be reused afterward!

Pottery Classes

As someone who sucks at pottery, pottery classes stand out to me a LOT.

If you can become AWESOME at sculpting, you can make future gifts, kitchenware pieces or short internet videos that make you famous lol.

“Making Decisions” Jar

Making decisions can be SUCH A DRAG when you don’t know where to eat or which date to plan next.

Creating this jar with your favorite restaurants or date ideas will become the gift that keeps on giving!!

Sensory Bottles

You ever think of how MESMERIZING lava lamps look like?

Imagine making DIY sensory bottles that semi-mimic that same feeling except with simpler materials like water beads, glitter, oil and/or water!

Glitter Jar

Speaking about glitter, you can also make a beautiful glitter jar that requires very little time and is SUPER simple to make!

Paint By Numbers Kit Paintings

paint by number

For those of you who enjoy painting and want to make it even easier to enjoy, then try paint by numbers!!

Food Coloring Crafts

The idea might sound OUTLANDISH, but crafts with food coloring are very colorful and soothing.

You can try out pouring milk in a dish with food coloring, adding soap, and watch the colors disperse! *tutorials exist online if you are a bit confused still*

Splash Painting

Nowadays, people are creating art by splashing paint on a blank canvas!

Its one of those sorts of crafts that is great to let go of perfection and let gravity do its job!

Nature Painting

crafts to keep your hands busy

If you are a nature lover, you might enjoy painting with a nice calming effect outdoors!

Add trees, leaves, or sunsets to your canvas with your acrylic paint!

DIY Stress Ball

During hard times, it might be a good idea to have your own stress ball by your side.

Grab yourself a balloon and add water beads inside; you can use a water bottle to collect the water beads and add them into the balloon to make the process the easier.

Painting Happy Memories

How about painting memories that you want to FRAME inside your living room or bedroom?!

A great home decor and craft activity DUO ACTIVITY you will love!

Craft DIY Projects for Adults

Inspirational Wall Collage

inspirational wall art printables

Get creative by making a wall collage!!

To make things a bit easier for you, you can download these art printables FOR FREE to get you started!

Attend Craft Workshops

If you are the type of person that likes crafting in a GROUP SETTING, you will love attending craft workshops!

Nowadays there are workshops for decorating flowers, making sneakers, sculpting, etc.. just look for a local workshop you can attend!

Watercoloring Dream Paintings

One of my GREATEST forms of inspiration when I am having anxious thoughts is looking through my paintings.

Create a watercolor painting of your dream home, business, and/or lifestyle!

Mason Jar Lanterns

lantern jar

Lantern jars are fun and easy to make since they only use 2 ingredients: artificial lights and a jar.

You can make them for the holidays or to display a nice table centerpiece for your home!

Textile Crafts

If the words weaving, embroidery, or stitching appeal to you, then you might be a textile crafts type of gal or gentleman!

Glitter Bomb with Floral Foam

As someone sort of OBSESSED with watching ASMR videos of squishing floral foam.. I have yet to find more people that share in this activity with me lol.

SERIOUSLY, try looking at videos of squishing floral foam with glitter and you too might spend hours scrolling the internet watching this stuff πŸ˜›

Mini Terrariums

mini terrarium

One of the best stress relief crafts for adults that you can create is a mini terrarium!

If you can’t wait to make your own terrarium, try making your own terrarium with this mini terrarium craft kit.

Friendship Bracelets

A cute craft to make with friends and family includes friendship bracelets!

The best part besides making them, is MATCHING with your bestie or family.

Rock Painting

A great way to use a canvas when there is no paper around is using ROCKS.

Through rock painting, you can create fancy paper weights, centerpiece decor, or cute momentos.

Number Kits

diamond paint by number

Paint by Number and Diamond Painting by Number can keep you distracted for LARGE amounts of time.

You can opt to do number kits with fake diamonds or paint, your choice!

Compliments Jenga

The game of Jenga is already exciting.. but how about playing Jenga the FUN WAY?

Use your crafty brain and compliments, dares or challenges to some of your jenga blocks for someone to read when they play!

Make Your Own DIY Bath Bomb

Thanks to the power of the internet, bath bombs took CENTER STAGE and are now accessible almost everywhere.. I have even seen them at dollar stores.

How about try your hand at making your very own DIY bath bomb?!

Scarf or Blanket-Making

yarn crafts

If you struggle knitting with regular yarn (or like me, don’t know how to knit) but want to make a cute scarf or blanket, loop it yarn is an easy yarn alternative to create beautiful blankets or scarves!!

Scratch Art Paintings

Do you remember scratch and sniff stickers? 

Think about that.. but now make it a painting where you ONLY have to scratch paper to create a beautiful work of art!

Macrame Art

Have you ever wanted to make one of those cool looking macrame plant hangers or macrame decor?

You can make cute wall decorations while distracting your mind with a macrame starter kit.


calming slime crafts

Slime is not just for kids.. I actually tried making slime as a COLLEGE STUDENT lol.

You can make slime using a slime kit or following tutorials online with materials you already have at home!

Check out more stress relief crafts for students:

Cricut Crafts

As someone that doesn’t really like cutting, but likes other machinery cutting things FOR me, cricut crafts are amazing!

You can cut paper hearts, leaves, or decor pieces to add to gift cards, bedroom collages, and more! *perfect for feeling crafty but too lazy to craft lol*

Needle Felting

Needle felting is UNDERRATED but a pretty cool craft that not a lot of people are doing!

You can make cute, little felt figurines (be careful with the needles) such as your pet dog or your favorite cartoons!

Candle Making

candles crafts

Speaking of NICE SMELLING crafts ideas, candle making is an awesome craft to pick up.

You can add your candles to your living room decor.. and if you get REALLY good, you might even think about opening a CANDLE shop πŸ™‚

Make sure to double-check if you are allergic to certain things and some brands are cheaper than others.

That is all! 

If you would like more craft ideas or self-care essentials, then definitely check out this self care guide.

I hope you all have a great day!

Summary of post: This post goes over calming crafts for adults you need to have.

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