FREE Printable Daily Routine Chart for Adults

Let’s talk about how to make this printable daily routine chart for adults, work for you!

free printable daily routine chart

As someone who is a type-A personality and thrives off of structure, I realized I lived rather chaotically in the morning.. making me a bit moody when I started off my day lol.

~ enter daily routine checklist ~

I spent about a month perfecting this printable daily routine chart for myself but I realized other adults could also use it!!

SO, I am going to share with you the 411 about how to make this chart work for you.. and attached is also my own super-structured-and-detailed routine 🙂

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How to Use the Free Printable Daily Routine Chart

Setting Up Your Daily Routine

As useful as the chart is, it can be really tempting to give up a morning routine in a few weeks.

What with the waking up early.. and snoozing alarms 😉

That’s why I included this section!!

The best part about making a daily routine is making it work for your lifestyle.

As an entrepreneur and caregiver, I made my routine chart have more flexibility.. yet, it still allows me to keep myself accountable to write blog posts like this one.

I would suggest writing a list for yourself of all the things you want in your chart first and then fill in the chart.

What is Inside the Daily Routine Chart for Adults PDF?

Morning Routines and Night Routines

morning routine checklist pdf and night routine checklist pdf

I catered heavily on what everyone can have which is a morning routine and a night routine!!

The morning routine sheets have time/task slots and a weekly checklist.

The night routine sheets have task slots and a weekly checklist (less rigidity because the only deadline is sleep lol).

Morning Routine Checklist Flexibility

daily routine chart for adults pdf

Since everyone’s schedules differ greatly, I knew that there needed to be 3 morning options to choose from.

The structured chart includes a pre-made routine that goes from 6-9 am and includes cleaning, face cleansing, and more.

The fill-in-the-blanks chart is completely blank and gives you flexibility to input times and tasks yourself.

The hybrid chart is the same as the structured chart but allows you to choose your times.

Download the FREE Daily Routine Checklist Template

We Made It!

Let me know what you think of this daily routine chart!!  I am SUPER CURIOUS to hear your thoughts<img decoding=Other Trending Posts!

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