21+ Joyful Self Care Spa Night Ideas to Chill at Home

Prepare for Your Self Care Spa Night

Dress Up with a Warm Robe

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While sitting down in a bathtub eating noodles with a bathrobe is looked down upon, destressing after a long day with a warm, fuzzy bathrobe is PERFECT before bedtime. Enjoy these cute options that you can use before you get a good night’s rest!

Aren’t these options super cute?!

Whether you are a neutral girl or a Disney fan, these bathrobes are perfect to have a relaxing at home spa day on the weekend!!

Pop on some Fuzzy Slippers

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Self care spa evenings call for FUZZY SLIPPERS!

This one is for my fellow gals that love cozying up at home!! The crossed X pattern on slippers has been trending a lot lately.

Get yourself some cute grey slippers or a nice Stitch inspired slipper to lounge around alone in your home <3.

Wear a Cute Headband

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Pull that hair back before cleansing your face during skincare time or getting into the bathtub with a cute headband!

Headbands with bows are a signature self care spa accessory!

I know everyone has different preferences so I KNEW I had to choose simple and colorful options!!

Relaxing Self Care Spa Night Ideas

Have a Relaxing Bubble Bath with a Bath Pillow

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While sitting in the bathtub with sunglasses on makes for a vibey self care night, why not throw in a bathtub pillow so your back is not cramping the next day?!

Bath Pillow for bubble bath at home spa

Treat yourself (and your back) to a bathtub pillow and truly enjoy this special at home self care activity!

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Boost the Ambiance with Candles

spa day at home kit

What is a spa night WITHOUT CANDLES?!

If you are a floral scent lover, then I highly recommend these 2 candle options.

I absolutely love A Thousand Wishes products and if you have a sweet, yet romantic side, definitely recommend these 2 options!!

Spritz Up with a Nice Perfume

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Adding a luxurious scent to your spa night can transform your evening!!

You know that feeling after walking past someone smelling really good?

That is how I want you to feel while you are relaxing with the aroma of these perfumes!

Enjoy Spa Treats!

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How do you make a spa better?  ADDING SNACKS.

When I tell you that your spa night will be transformed with nice spa snacks, IT WILL.

Imagine eating Hershey’s Kisses or Popcornopolis’ popcorn while soaking your feet in a foot spa?

‘Nuff said.

Top Self Care Spa Night Massage Tools

Have Yourself a Nice Foot Massage

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Treat your feet to a soothing massage after a long day of walking.

Different foot massagers have different purposes.

I’d recommend the wooden foot massager to anyone who wants to give your feet a much-needed deep massage.

Of course, this foot spa is also amazing and would be worth looking into to soak your feet at home!

Enjoy a Nice Scalp Massage

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Who said you need a masseuse to give yourself a nice body rub?

These scalp massagers are more cost-efficient than many other massage tools and that is why they are my personal fav’s to add to my pamper night ideas!!

Use the shower scalp massager while you are shampooing your hair.

Or use this scalp massager to massage hard to reach places!!

Give Yourself a Relaxing Neck and Back Massage

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What do you think about making your self care spa night EVEN BETTER with more massage tools?!

The neck and back massager is SO good and is great for anyone that could use a nice pressured rub in areas that hold a lot of stress.

While pricier, the massage chair pad is a lot less expensive than a regular massage chair and reaches your entire back!!

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At Home Spa Ideas for Friends

Have a Nice Pedicure and Manicure

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A fun, relaxing self care night with friends consists of manicures and pedicures and TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF.

Treat yourself to a nice nail grooming set!!

Or, decorate your nails with beautiful colors to remember this beautiful self care spa at home later in the week <3

Create a Stress Ball with a Stress Ball Kit

self care spa night activity with stress balls

You know another thing spa nights are meant for?  DESTRESSING.

Destress after a long week by taking part in a fun self care activity or self care craft during your spa night with friends!!

With this water beads stress ball kit, you don’t have to worry about finding all the individual supplies.

AND you can make a stress ball to enjoy throughout the rest of the week!!

If you are looking for more self care crafts or activities, check out our best recommendations!

Refreshing At-Home Spa Masks

Chill Out with some Refreshing Self Care Masks

pamper night products

What are pampering nights without face sheet masks?!

Sheet Masks

I am always hesitant to recommend face sheet masks to everyone because we all have different skin types.

Definitely try to find face sheets that work for your skin so that you do not break out due to a face sheet mask <3.

Listen to a Meditation with Calming Eye Masks

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Can you imagine sitting in a bathtub, eye mask on your eyes, meditating for a little bit with bubbles all around you?!

If you are like me and are a bit boujee about having super soft things, then you will love the silk masks!!

You can also chill the gel eye mask in the fridge and plop it on your eyes for extra spa night pleasure.

Enjoy Your Self Care Spa Night with At Home Spa Kits

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And what if all you had to do was buy one thing so that your self care night was taken care of?!

The first pack of body masks and the at-home spa kit are both Just Taty Things’ community favorites!!

If you are looking for one thing to buy to set up your self care spa night, these are it!

Spa Night Ideas for Couples

Date Night Spa Package Ideas to Make Your Evening Fun, Tasty, and Relaxing

self care night ideas for couples

What can take your at home spa date night with your significant other to the next level.. snacks and games!!

Having the perfect game and snacks can REALLY take a date night to the next level!

Imagine eating your favorite snacks, roasting each other in a cute/fun way, and wearing robes on your day in?!  Sounds like the life.

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Spa Date Ideas with Your Favorite Comfort Food

at home spa ideas for him

Speaking of snacks.. let’s talk more about everyone’s favorite thing: comfort food!

Have you ever thought about making a “fancy” self care spa night at home with a charcuterie board?

Simply buy some of your favorite snacks and lay them out nicely on a charcuterie board to transform your date night or spa night!!

We Made It!

I hope you enjoyed all these self care spa night essentials!!  I had so much finding these recommendations for you and I hope you found them helpful.  Let me know which ones you loved the most!! 

Summary of post: This post is all about self care spa night.

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