Why it is TOTALLY OKAY to be a Serial Hobbyist – when one hobby ISN’T enough..

This post is all about being a serial hobbyist.

hobby enthusiast

As a cozy living blogger, I’ve tried out SOOOOOOO many hobbies, from crafts to MINIATURE book nooks to blogging (hehe, that’s why you’re here today).

This wide mix has proudly earned me the title of a serial hobbyist (ta-da)!

“So, why is this relevant to me?”, you might be asking.

The rush of embarking on a new hobby fills us with an indescribable sense of excitement with endless new interests.. but SOCIETY LOVES when people are “niched” down, “specialized”, or following the “status quo”.

Through my blog and this post, I aim to DEFEND the PROS of being a hobby enthusiast, and to embrace the exhilarating journey of learning and growth that each new hobby promises!!

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The Never-Ending Cycle of “New and Exciting”

Pro #1: Beauty in the Whirlwind of Being a Serial Hobbyist

Who says being a serial hobbyist is a fleeting pursuit? It’s genuinely a PATHWAY to unravelling the layers of oneself through delightful crafts and cozy undertakings!

Each hobby I’ve embraced – from the tranquility of scrapbooking to re-reading Harry Potter 3x, has contributed to unforgettable experiences. There’s MAGIC in the newness of each hobby, and the excitement that comes with the first time you try something NEW. Sure, not every interest blooms into a lifelong passion, but the journey? It’s chock-full of learning and joy.

So, if a new hobby doesn’t quite stick, no worries! It’s all part of the glorious quest in finding what truly resonates with your heart.

Pro #2: More Hobbies Helps with Emotional Balance

The “niched-down specialist people” will tell us that sticking to one hobby is all they need.. but what isn’t considered is THAT PEOPLE HAVE DIFFERENT MOODS. I don’t have to tell you that these moods change daily, hourly.. even in five minutes.

Imagine feeling stressed after a long day. Instead of reaching for the comfort food (again!), you lace up your running shoes and hit the track. The rhythmic pounding of your feet against the pavement melts away tension, replaced by the invigorating rush of endorphins. Problem solved? Not quite. Tomorrow, you might crave an activity that is more mellow such as completing a puzzle or paint by numbers kit.

The beauty of being a serial hobbyist lies in this very versatility. Each pursuit caters to a different emotional need and that is totally f’ing awesome!

Pro #3: The Joys of Exploring Different Hobbies

Diving into new hobbies, I’ve discovered a surprising range of interests, uncovering hidden talents. Scrapbooking, crafting, and blogging have woven a variety of skills and knowledge that enrich each day.. irrelevant to my mood.

Each activity has tapped into different creative strengths I possess. What makes it cool is that without thinking about it, my creativity has improved so much because I’m not just doing ONE HOBBY. Changing it up has made me more adaptable!

So, we are pretty cool for not sticking to the “status quo” since we can adapt to different things easier than our “one-hobby-for-life” counterparts 🙂

Pro #4: You Don’t Need to Only Join ONE CLUB

While it might be slightly annoying that there is no ONE CLUB for alllllll of our different hobbies, I think it is pretty cool that we can join different groups with different interests.

On Wednesday we can attend a salsa dance club and then on Saturday somebody can find us at the food bank assisting underprivileged populations.


Pro #5: The THRILL of New Hobbies

If my journey as a serial hobbyist girl has taught me anything, it’s that there’s something INCREDIBLY exciting about diving headfirst into NEW HOBBIES. It’s not just about killing time; it’s about the thrill of the chase, the exploration of the unknown.

Every hobby, from book nook making to knitting, carries with it a promise of ADVENTURE and discovery. It’s about broadening your horizons and YES, stepping outside your comfort zone to embrace the vast array of hobbies out there!

So, here’s your GENTLE SHOULDER ON THE ARM: don’t pay attention to what the nay-sayers say; JUST HOBBY AWAY.

Here is your GO AHEAD to completely turn your bedroom into a HOBBY ROOM! I’d love to hear back about how you decorate your hobby room btw!

Pro #6: Become More Employable

Who knew that while you are spending all your free time trying new things, you could also be helping your career?!

When you get asked during a job interview how you adapted to a difficult situation, you can delve into different scenarios from a previous hobby. It shows to employers that you are a well-rounded individual.

And what makes you look pretty cool as well, is that your fascination for lots of things is a great quality that people will ALSO want to work with. You can only imagine when you’re whole personality is talking about basketball, and a client might not have a clue about the topic. It makes you versatile and it’s easy to talk about a different thing!

Pro #7: Serial Hobbyists Have Increased Self-Awareness

From a very young age, I was always “trying to find the right hobby”. Every time I had leisure time, you could see me try out a new interest (almost weekly) that I had come up with.

Now, that may not have led me to find the “perfect hobby”, but it did give me a gentle push in learning more about my strengths and weaknesses.. which if you are a serial hobbyist like me, I’m sure you have found too.

I quickly realized that I’m scared of soccer balls flying at me in the goalie area, but I’m great at crafting artwork and gifts with a random pile of art supplies.

Pro #8: Being a Serial Hobbyist Makes Us HANDY

While I think we all possess a few of our secretly favorite activities, we might have also stumbled upon unexpected talents or passions we never we had.

I, for one, never thought that I would have an interest in miniature clay sculptures, miniature Lego villages, or miniature book nooks!! But, here I am, able to create a Lego Christmas Village one day while using a heat gun for little trinkets in my book nook the next.

We can officially tell other people that yes the video games and rock climbing are irrelevant to each other, but are relevant because we are indeed PROUD SERIAL HOBBYISTS!

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