CUTE and FUNCTIONAL Stationery for Productivity You Will Use Daily!

Let’s talk all about stationery for productivity.

stationery for productivity

There is something so YUMMY about unpacking a beautiful piece of stationery that you want to use over and over again.

Personally, I believe that cute and fun stationery are ARE MUST HAVES for staying productive because you WILL WANT to stay at your desk and use your office supplies!!

That is why I am sharing all these aesthetically-pleasing stationery for productivity for you today!

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Best Aesthetic Stationery for Productivity

Our Top 3 Stationery for Productivity:

We love all the products we mention down below.. these 3 just happen to be our FAVORITE-favorite 😉

#1 Sceptre Curved 24-inch Gaming Monitor

Sceptre Curved 24-inch Gaming Monitor
COMPLETELY CHANGED my workflow, worked w/ my budget, and gave me more screen!!

#2 Mech Mango Extended Mouse Pad

Mech Mango Extended Gaming Mouse Pad
This boba-inspired mouse pad makes your desk feel cute and comfy! <3

#3 TuweChen Cable Management Box

TuweChen Cable Management Box
My cables were a HOT MESS before I got to organizing them — 10/10 recommend 🙂

Look at Online Reviews of OUR TOP 3!

Productivity Notepads

If you don’t like basic to-do lists and want to create a daily plan for your day, you will love these productivity notepads.

These daily plan notepads are perfect to create more structure in your day, organize your tasks and prioritize what is important.

Desk Clock

Instead of grabbing for your phone to check the time and “accidentally” looking at social media while working, grab yourself a desk clock!

Depending on your aesthetic you might love this cute toast clock or an elegant white clock.

Cute Acrylic Calendars

If you are looking for aesthetic stationery that keeps you productive and ELEVATES your office, you will love these!

Acrylic calendars are luxury feeling and make you feel fancy while you are working hard.


Why settle for a flimsy paper bookmark, when you can pop a cute leaf bookmark into your books or notebooks?!

~insert crying emoji because it is just too adorable~

2nd Monitor

One of the best things I added to my workspace to stay productive is a 2nd monitor!!

I got this Sceptre Curved Monitor because it worked well for my budget and I really wanted to have more screen space to study and work on this blog 🙂

I know I always look at reviews before making purchases like this one so check out these consumer reviews here!

Bullet Journals

I LOVE BULLET JOURNALS SO MUCH. I am convinced that bullet journals have made me more productive and have helped me organize my tasks and goals in one spot!

My absolute favorite bullet journal that I always talk about on this blog is this Minimalism Art bullet journal.

Acrylic Dry Erase Boards

Using my acrylic dry erase board has made me feel like I have a mini secretary that gives me my tasks.

I absolutely love that this acrylic dry erase board comes with a STAND so you can display your tablet or notebook right next to you.

Budget Binder

I think we are ALL looking for ways to better manage our finances and try to not overspend where we don’t really gotta.

Using these cash envelope binders has COMPLETELY changed my outlook on budgeting and has made me more conscious of how much I spend (which I didn’t do prior just using cards).

Do you take a lot of notes or study? These office supplies are perfect for college students:

Cute Memo Pads

As someone who FEELS motivated to study or work when everything is aesthetically pleasing, I felt that I just had to include cute notepads and sticky notes stationery!

Wouldn’t you love to have milk box memo pads at your desk everyday?!

Fun Sticky Notes

Sometimes a nice “pick me up” is all we need when we are staring at our computer for hours on end..

I know that a pack of ramen sticky notes would make my desk a little bit more fun and make work for manageable 😛

Standing Desk

Thankfully, ergonomic desks and workstations are becoming a thing of the present.

If you are willing and able, definitely invest in a standing desk such as this one with drawers so that you aren’t always sitting and can avoid staying sedentary.

Stationery Tray for Desk

Having clutter on your desk is a HUGE problem when you are trying to have a productive workspace.

This stationery tray for your desk is PERFECT to store office supplies such as pens, paper clips, tape or sticky notes in one place instead of all over your workspace.

Stationery Organizers

As someone who talks A LOT about office supplies, these organizers are must have stationery you will want to have!!

Isn’t this rose gold stationery organizer a beauty?!

Desk Pad

I’m sort of annoyed that I didn’t get a desk pad earlier but it completely transforms your desk!!

Using these desk pads, such as this boba-themed desk pad, means you don’t need a mousepad anymore that moves around.. and you can lay your items on top of it too!!

Interested in more pink stationery? You will love these stationery ideas:

Cable Management Box

Since my cables ALWAYS get tangled and I mismanage which cable goes to which device, cable management boxes and clips are AMAZING!!

This cable management box set is great because it includes the box, cable ties and clips that you can place on the bottom or side of your desk for easy access.

Cute Highlighter Pens

Whether you want an aesthetically pleasing set of Mr.Pen highlighters or cute Outus Store milk jar and pill set, you will want to use highlighters that make you feel comfy and excited to work.

I have these Mildliner dual ended markers that I use ALL THE TIME for my bullet journal as well.


To keep up with maximum organization to have ease in finding important documents or folders, tabs are a MUST-HAVE.

You can opt to get tabs such as these below to really maximize your productivity.

Phone Holder

As a business owner, I constantly receive email notifications and don’t like switching back to my email all the time. I also always go on social media for inspiration or to see if blog posts look good on your mobile devices!

A phone holder at your desk such as this pink Bright Stone Phone Stand can help you to reduce misplacing your phone or stay on top of work notifications.

Desk Vacuum

It might not seem like it but dust, small paper pieces or eraser shavings gather up on your desk and make your workspace feel messy.

Grab yourself a desk vacuum such as this STARUMENT Portable Hand Vacuum, to keep your desk feeling clean.

Pens (Gel, Erasable, and Color)

And of course, we all need pens to write in our notebooks or take notes.

My personal favorite pen to use are these Sharpie S-Gel pens!

Happy You Are Here!

I hope you loved our picks for must have stationery for productivity!! I always enjoy getting a little nerdy about office supplies. Bookmark this page for later!

Summary of Post: This post was all about stationery for productivity.

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