The Ultimate Stationery Items List Everyone NEEDS (For Office and Studying!)

all stationery items list

Whether you work at an office or are a current student at school, this stationery items list is GOLDEN.

As someone who is a stationery nerd, I have so many office supplies FAVORITES I want to share to make your life easier.

Let’s talk about basic stationery items (and even cute stationery items) you will love to have while working or studying!

*Note after finishing post: I really took time to pick and choose stationery items you would like in EACH CATEGORY. Each one has a purpose on this post. Enjoy!

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Our Top 3 Stationery Items Everyone Needs:

#1 LaCie External Hard Drive

LaCie Rugged Mini 2TB External Hard Drive Portable HDD
My favorite USB Drive by far. I use it daily!

#2 Intergreat Locking Metal Cabinet (4 Doors)

Intergreat locking metal cabinet in white
You will need a LOCKING cabinet that stores important documents.

#3 YeWink Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar

YeWink Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar
An aesthetically pleasing dry erase calendar to stay on task!

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Paper Products

Budget Binder

One of the things that I REGRET not getting sooner for my home office (or as a college student) is a budget binder with cash envelopes.

It is RIDICULOUS how much I would spend using my credit card instead of using cash and visually seeing how much I spend on boba weekly lol.

Bullet Journal

I highly recommend a bullet journal to anyone who takes a BUNCH of notes, makes daily to-do lists, and/or wants a place to track progress towards goals.

My favorite bullet journal BY FAR is this Minimalism Art bullet journal; I have 4 bullet journals from them at this point because I’m obsessed!


Notebooks are a MUST-HAVE in any home office, corporate office, or as a student.

Offices and students need notebooks for keeping notes organized. Definitely recommend this 2-Subject Five Star notebook to college students in particular, because college desks can get pretty small and these notebooks are perfect for college desk size.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are really handy for random tasks or reminders so offices and students need them alike.

If you have a home office or desk, then regular sticky notes such as these Post-it notes or Mr.Pen colorful sticky notes are perfect. I personally love these funny Ramen sticky notes and had to recommend these in my favorites.


As someone who owns a stationery shop and business, I go through printer paper A LOT (probably more than the average person).

Buying white papers in bulk is great and both Hammermill copy paper or Amazon Basics copy paper have good reviews.


Whether you need to send checks, invoices or letters to your friends, you will want to have envelopes nearby.

You can choose between getting a mega pack of envelopes or a smaller pack of envelopes. I like that both of these have a “sticky strip” that you can just tear-off instead of licking these envelopes!!

Versatile Writing Tools


One of my favorite pens to recommend are these Frixion Erasable Clicker pens; these are great if you are going to take a large amount of notes where mistakes are likely.

If you want to bulk up on pens in a bigger office, then this pack of Bic ballpoint pens is great — these ball pens are my favorite to stock up on since you get so many! And if you can afford to splurge a little, I love the glide of these Sharpie S-gel pens.

Fountain Pens

Nothing says — luxury and presidential — more than fountain pens!

If you want to show your coworkers you mean BUSINESS, then you will love using these Hongdian fountain pens.


My go-to mechanical pencils for writing in journals or notes are these Bic mechanical pencils and Paper Mate mechanical pencils.

If you like to use thinner pencils with a “clicker”, the Bic pencils are my favorite. I also enjoy the Paper Mate mechanical pencils with their slide clicking option so you don’t have to move your hand around as much.

#2 Pencils, Graphite Pencils and Pencil Sharpener

As much as I love pencils, nothing beats — classic pencils and graphite pencils.

If you are an artistic gal or gent, no other pencil can compare than graphite pencils, STAEDTLER Mars Drawing Pencils being my favorite.

Of course you will want to have regular pencils and an electric pencil sharpener (this sharpener is from AFMAT) for when you lose your other pencils or need to sharpen.


Can we just talk about these erasable FriXion highlighters for a sec? In school, I would unintentionally make mistakes highlighting my notes, but these highlighters saved my notes from looking like a block of orange blocks lol.

Although I love these FriXion erasable highlighters, I also enjoy the Sharpie highlighters because of the slimness and “crispness” of highlighting so I added these on here too.

Dual-Tip Markers

I had to share these dual-tip markers which are perfect for solopreneurs, home offices or students.

As a bullet journal junkie myself, I use these TwinTone pastel markers and Mildliner Markers every single day. The TwinTone markers come with thinner tips great for more detailed refined writing while the Mildliner Markers come with a wider tip on one end that is better for taking notes or creating headings.

Cutting and Trimming


I always love giving you options so if you are an office that needs a bunch of scissors, you will need a pack of scissors like these for everyone in your office.

On this stationery items list, I needed to mention these Fiskars scissors since they are so crisp and are great for anyone who crafts or needs a powerful scissor.

Paper Cutter

Having in mind different paper cutting needs, I wanted to add this Swingline paper cutter to our stationery materials list if you need to cut large quantities of paper.

If you don’t need such a great quantity of cutting, this Firbon paper cutter or Fiskars trimmer will do the job nicely.

Desk Accessories

Stapler and Staple Remover

Next on this stationery essentials list, we have a must-have for all offices and students.. a nice stapler and staple removers.

For businesses or anyone who needs greater stapling needs, this heavy duty stapler can staple a higher quantity of sheets (depending on the staple size).

Paper Clips and Binder Clips

For some reason, paper clips and binder clips are the 2 things I seem to never have enough of in my office which is why I buy tons of them lol.

These different stationery items are necessary to have a bunch of on your desk.

Adhesive Products

Tape Dispenser and Tape

More stationery goods that we all need are tape dispensers and tape.

If you like an aesthetically pleasing tape dispenser, you will love this OfficeGoods acrylic and gold tape dispenser.

Correction Tapes

The most common writing item I grab as a pen user who makes a copious amount of mistakes is my BIC wite-out correction tape. I think at this point I have had my pack for a few years.

I couldn’t RESIST also mentioning the Kasmena milk bottle style correction tape because it is SO ADORABLE!!

Glue Sticks

It is funny how OPINIONATED I am about glue sticks, but here we are lol.

These Scotch permanent glue sticks are my favorite glue sticks EVER. I use them for crafts, collages, poster presentations, and more which is why I recommend them to have in offices or casual use.

Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks

As a stationery lover and crafting lover, glue gun and hot glue sticks are a STAPLE in my home and home office.

I love that this glue stick stands so that I don’t have to put my glue gun on a wooden board. Of course you need to stock up glue sticks as well.

Memo Pads

I don’t know any office or student that does not have a writing pad or a place to take quick notes.. seriously you got to share with me if you know someone!

Having packs of memo pads in your desk or drawers are great to have for taking writing notes. If you are a solopreneur, work from home, or enjoy a more structured notepad, this weekly notepad with to-do list is great.

Want more stationery to stay productive? Take a look at this post below!

Washi Tape

Anyone who takes notes or wants to make notes look more aesthetically pleasing will enjoy having washi tape.

An option that’s great for bullet journalers for sure.

Presentation Tools

Chart Paper

Taking handwritten notes while presenting to your team and large office WILL happen eventually.

Every new office needs large chart paper to take notes for meetings, presentations, brainstorming and managing projects. I like reading consumer reviews before making a purchase, and this customer said that the adhesive works great and the paper tears nicely.

Whiteboard Markers

Over the years, I have become increasingly pickier with the whiteboard markers I use because some tend to be harder to erase.

Something to add to your stationery essentials list are EXPO markers. I always reach for EXPO ultra fine tip dry erase markers.

White Boards

If you are creating an office stationery list for yourself or for a company, white boards are great to have around the office.

This is a great way to reduce use of sticky notes, present ideas to coworkers or create a task list for yourself.

Acrylic White Boards

As much as I love regular white boards, there is something refreshing about acrylic white boards.

A YeWink acrylic calendar like this one would look stunning in your home office or room to see the special events throughout the month.

Desk Setup and Organization

Desk Pads

A MUST-HAVE item to include on your office stationery items list is a DESK PAD.

Everyone uses a laptop, desktop or mouse. The best thing to do to give your various items a home and to protect your desk from getting scratched is a desk pad — such as this RENMATURE dual sided desk pad. I think it’s best for my neutral aesthetic girlies.

And of course I need to mention cute alternative — this cute kawaii desk mat.

Magazine Holders

If you own a bunch of books or notebooks, magazine holders are a great way to organize your important documents.

Start organizing your office supplies with magazine holders like these.

Desk Organizers

Every office desk would benefit from having a desk organizer to organize office supplies and paperwork.

These beautiful stationery items make a great addition to your desk and transform your space.

Acrylic Desk Organizers

Lately, I’ve been on the search for aesthetic stationery items which has led me into the “acrylic” rabbit hole. *I’m not sure that is ever going to end lol*

While these desk organizers are advertised as cosmetic organizers, they make a great fit on your desk since they can help organize papers, pens, pencils, staples, and other mini office supplies.

Drawer Organizers

My favorite drawer organizers to get are clear drawer organizers.

The reason being that sometimes our furniture and color preferences change but clear organizers are timeless and go well with most things.

Metal Cabinet

The most important stationery item you need to protect important documents is a LOCKABLE cabinet.

I personally bought the INTERGREAT Locking Cabinet (2 doors) for my own office. I received a bit of help to assemble it and it is pretty spacious. The INTERGREAT team also has a 4 door locking cabinet and I wish I saw it sooner because it has WINDOWS which makes it more aesthetically pleasing in my opinion.

Of course, if you want a filing cabinet to just sort through important folders and labels, then I would stick with the Staples filing cabinet. Customers have said the cabinet is very sturdy which is a plus!

Pen Holder

Every desk needs a pen holder to carry all your office stationery that come in various sizes — especially small items that can seem to get lost off the face of the earth.

For some reason, I have REALLY been into rotating pen holders because they make finding the right writing tools easier!

You can opt to get a Skydue neutral pencil cup for your home office or a more see-through option, like the Gianotter rotating pen holder.

More Basic Stationery Items

Water Bottle

One of the various office supplies you will use whether you are at large offices, high school, college is a water bottle.

The best investment I made that I use EVERY DAY for personal use my Simple Modern tumbler. I absolutely love how aesthetically pleasing it is.

If you have trouble while studying staying hydrated, you might want to consider Meitagie water bottle with a time marker so you can have a reminder.

Rubber Bands

A rubber band is one of those basic stationery items that you don’t KNOW you need until you REALLY need it.

Have a bag of rubber bands ready in your office or workspace.


Erasers are another part of those “unique stationery items” that I somehow became opinionated about.

Every office or student needs them, so if you can afford to get these Pentel Tri Erasers, you will be solid. I love that these erasers don’t roll around and you have a lot more grip on them because of the straight-edge, triangular shape.


I used to never give much importance to rulers and wood get the basic wooden rulers, but clear rulers are SO MUCH BETTER.

Definitely recommend investing into clear rulers because with these rulers, you can see through them to more accurately create measurements! Great for students.

Sticky Tabs

And to complete this all office supplies list, we have sticky tabs!

If you want to bookmark or save an important page in books or paperwork, these sticky tabs are great to add to your home office, desk or office.

Electronic Equipment

Standing Desks

An effective way to make your desk and office more ergonomic, is adding a standing desk to your space. According to

That’s why I would opt to invest in a SMUG electric standing desk — it even comes with a memory preset so you don’t have to crank the desk up and down. A customer online talks thoroughly about how to assemble the standing desk and use it with a treadmill.

USB Flash Drive

A USB flash drive plays a vital role in your daily life.

My LaCie USB drive is a very important stationery item — I would argue the most necessary stationery item I have on my desk.

Although I would give it $$$, I would say the usb drive is the best purchase because I know that all of my files are backed-up on my USB and it holds TONS of space that would otherwise make my laptop much slower.

Happy You Are Here!

So glad you got to see this stationery items list to add to your essential office supplies for school, office or business!

Summary of Post: This post was all about this stationery items list.

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