60 Cute Ideas for Handwritten Letters (Prompts and Aesthetic Ideas Included!)

handwritten letter ideas diy

These are cute ideas for handwritten letters to send to your special person (must be very special if you aren’t sending a text lol).

I know letters are not a thing that many people write anymore.. what with emails and social media taking over.

Still, there is something so beautiful and special when you receive a letter in the mail and open up that CRISP ENVELOPE.

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Cute Ideas and Prompts for Letters

Aesthetic Handwritten Letters Design Ideas

  • Add stickers! Stickers brighten up a page and make letters feel less “text-block-y”. Plus, they are great if doodling is not your thing.
  • Cute handwritten letters. For each line of your letter, use a different color. Stick to a theme to make it more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Stick to a theme. A great way to have a cute design on your letters is sticking to a theme. Think pastels, bright, romantic, or friendly.
  • Paste pictures! As much as letters are sweet, it always nice to include a nice visual to a letter to make it stand out.
  • Search lettering styles. If you want to use a different font for your letter, look for lettering styles online for inspiration.
  • Add glitter. Depending on the person you are writing to, glitter can add some PIZAZZ to your letter and envelope.
  • Seal your envelope with a wax seal. You have seen the movies with nice, wax seals. Take your letter to the next level with a wax seal.
  • Write on special paper. Head to the dollar store or craft store and grab decorative paper that you can write on instead of plain old white paper.
  • Glue flowers to letters. If you can find mini flowers that will not be squished in an envelope, this is a great way to make your letter feel more 3D and tangible.
  • Draw doodles. The best part of these cute ideas for handwritten letters is the humaneness. Doodles are a great way to make your writing feel more like YOU.
  • Use washi tape. For a decorative effect, use washi tape to stick pictures onto your letter. You can also just use it for a decorative effect.
  • Make a handmade envelope. In the case you have no envelope or are feeling crafty, the addition of a handmade envelope is NEXT LEVEL.
  • Spritz of perfume! If your special person is not allergic to perfume, then this makes it the perfect touch to add to any letter. That way they can also smell the memories that come along with your letter.
  • Add a bow. Using ribbon create a bow and tie it around your envelope. That will give it a “gift box” effect.
  • Add a watercolor painting. Something beautiful to add to your letter that is great for shipping things to someone, is a colorful painting made by you that they have on their desk or home.
  • Experiment with different fonts. Fonts can give your letter a different vibe. Try out different fonts until you find one you really like.
  • Try dying your paper. There are a bunch of video tutorials online that help you dye your paper to make it look more old-fashioned and nostalgic.
  • Add a word puzzle game. In order to make things for fun for your person, add a word puzzle so that they can interact more with your gift!
  • Make a mini collage. In order to make your letter really POP and STAND OUT, add a collage of pictures that make you think of them.
  • Decorate the envelope! People usually stick to adding the basic “To” and “From” but you can do much more. Draw doodles, stick pictures, and add ribbons to the envelope to make it more homemade.
  • Add fake baby breath flowers. If you search baby breath flowers, you will know EXACTLY what I am talking about. Adding this “floral” touch is great for anyone who loves flowers, minimalism or an elegant touch.
  • Cutout confetti. Cut out mini hearts, circles, graduation caps, Christmas trees, etc. Confetti is great for different occasions such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, Christmas, birthdays, and other holidays!
  • Rip out a piece of notebook paper. Keep the trip of the notebook paper to give it a special homemade touch.
  • Add a bracelet. If you are artsy, you can create a bracelet with a string and charms.
  • Make a mini booklet. What is cuter than a bunch of cartoons in a booklet form BY MAIL?! It is so rare to see a gift like that and will sure be kept for years to come.
  • Cut your letter to a special shape. For Valentine’s Day or anniversaries, cut the letter into a heart. If it is Christmas, then cut the letter into a Christmas tree. Find a shape for each occasion. Then, write inside your letter!
  • Place a bookmark. If your special person is a book nerd, a bookmark is such a cute, small gift that is perfect to add to an envelope.
  • Write in cursive. Nowadays people aren’t writing in cursive much, so if possible, write your letter in this form to make it EVEN MORE special.
  • Include notepads. Add your favorite memories onto these notepads, cut them out, and add them to your envelope.
  • Write on sticky notes. Write affirmations, compliments, or doodles on sticky notes and add them along with your letter.

Handwritten Letter Prompts for Girlfriend

  • Make the letter a RECIPE about her. Using the letters of her first name, write a thing you love about her for each letter (ex. for Rose put R = Romantic; O = Observant; S = Sweet; E = Energetic). Then write a paragraph for each letter talking about why those words remind you of her!
  • Make a short love letter. Speak from the heart and talk about all the reasons why you love them.
  • Talk about your FAVORITE PLACES to visit together. Reminisce on your favorite places to travel, snuggle or be with them!
  • Write about a GETAWAY together. Even if it isn’t in your wheelhouse to plan out a fancy date, make plans of going somewhere with your girlfriend that you know she would love.
  • Talk about 10 reasons you love her. Let it all out on the page.
  • Speak deeply from the heart. Talk about the ways you feel lucky to have her in your life and why she makes life better.
  • Include a poem. Get your haiku and rhyming skills ready to write a sweet card for your girl.
  • Give her LOVE COUPONS! Write little gestures that you can do for her like order takeout, take her to a movie, or make a romantic meal.
  • Write inside a bunch of HEARTS. On your letter, make 4 huge hearts. Inside those hearts, write something special that reminds you of her.
  • Write a song. Who said letters had to be just paragraphs of text? A cute Valentine’s Day or Anniversary idea is a romantic or funny song.

Handwritten Letter Prompts for Boyfriend

  • List cheesy jokes. Don’t be afraid to be extra cheesy with the jokes you list out for him that you know he will love.
  • Write a romantic poem that rhymes. Take out your thesaurus in case you need more words for inspiration that rhyme.
  • Make him a coupon book. Attach a candy to each coupon page. Each page can hold date ideas.
  • Change the format of your handwritten letter. Instead of writing different paragraphs, try writing a song.
  • Cute your letter to the shape of a heart. A fun way to make your letter look different than rectangular piece of text is shaping your writing to look like a heart. Lightly trace out the heart, and then start writing inside of it.
  • Write a letter with PICTURES. A cute way to write letters is by adding cartoons to tell a story. This is great if you have an artistic eye for drawing and want some cute ideas for handwritten letters.
  • Pick your favorite quotes. Write down all the quotes that make you think of him and add them to your letter.
  • Listen to your favorite songs while writing. If you need more inspiration when writing your letter, listening to songs to get you in the romantic mood can help a ton.
  • Invite him on a date. Make your letter a formal invitation to a date your planning that he has always wanted to do.
  • Include PUNS. When all else fails, add puns to give more spunk and to be more creative lol.

Letter Prompts for Friends and Family

  • “Open when..” letters. If you don’t live with your friends/family or live far, then make a bunch of “Open when..” letters that they can look at during special times. (ex. Open when you are feeling sad”.
  • Talk about why you miss them. It always warms someone’s heart when you talk about why you are thinking of them even if they are far at the moment.
  • Compliment them. Letters are a keepsake that people will come back to time and time again. Therefore, a compliment you write will mean ten-fold than a simple text.
  • Why do they make you laugh? Go in depth on moments that they have made you laugh that you will never forget.
  • Why are you proud of them? Sometimes people are hardest on themselves. Showing them you actively see the good they have done and accomplished, can be a real mood boost!
  • Show support. If your special person has went through something difficult recently, talk about how much they mean to you and what you can do to support them.
  • Send a momento. Add something to your envelope that shows more of your heart. The best parts of life say a ton without looking like a ton.
  • Add a piece of origami. This is one of my favorite cute ideas for handwritten letters. Check online tutorials for what you are trying to create based on difficulty level.
  • Write a PICTURE letter. Instead of writing with words, write with pictures, images, doodles, or cartoons.
  • Reminisce on a memory. Think back to a moment that you and your person shared that means the world to you. It’s okay to get a little cheesy talking about why that moment stays with you to this day.

Happy You Are Here!

I hope you loved these creative ideas for letters! Let me know how these ideas work out for you.

Summary of Post: This post was all about cute ideas for handwritten letters.

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