20 Minimalist Desk Organization Ideas for Work to Improve Your Setup

This post is all about desk organization ideas for work.

minimalist desk organization ideas

Desk Organization Ideas for Work

Are you looking for desk organization ideas for work that will make your life a lot easier?!

I’ve compiled this gigantic list of minimalist desk organization ideas for work that I think you will really enjoy.

We will be covering everything from how to take advantage of your wall space and under desk space to budget-friendly options.

Let’s get started!!

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Minimalist Desk Organization Ideas for Wall

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Install Floating Shelves

If you are willing and able to include floating shelves in your work area, installing floating shelves would be a great way to take advantage of wall space!!

You can include picture frames, fake plants or books that will give your space a touch of your aesthetic.

It will be a highlight to an already small space.

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Add a Wall Calendar

If you are more of a visual person, then you will love to have a wall calendar that has all the events and deadlines right in front of you.

(Or behind you depending on your workspace setup)

Best of all, you won’t have to constantly switch pages on your laptop, or desktop!!

Highly recommend to my visual organizers.

expandable dividers for storage at work

Make a Wall To-Do List Station

Another great minimalist desk organization idea for your wall is a “Wall To-Do List Station.”

Now hear me out, seeing a bunch of sticky notes all over your desk does not give a clean, organized vibe when you are working..

If you can’t help making a little bit of clutter while working, just place all your sticky notes and scratch paper in one station on your desk so it is not all over your keyboard!!

how to organize a desk without drawers

Pin Paper Clutter Onto a Pegboard, Corkboard or Bulletin Board

You can also pin paper clutter onto a pegboard, corkboard or bulletin board to give yourself some flexibility with leftover sticky notes and small paper pieces.

Make clutter look really nice on a wall by pinning your stuff onto a pegboard, cork board, or cardboard.

You can wrap it around in a really nice fabric to fit your aesthetic. 

Or opt for a felt bulletin board!

How to Organize Your Desk Office or Cubicle at Work

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Keep Unnecessary Items Off of Your Desk

When you are trying to figure out how to organize your desk office or cubicle at work, it is really important to keep all unnecessary items off of your desk.

You will feel less stressed and more productive knowing that all your things are in their proper location instead of all over your place when you’re already stressed about a work assignment!

How to Organize Desk Drawers

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Expandable Dividers in Desk Drawers

If your desk has drawers, then that’s another great place to start organizing to have less stuff on your desk area.

You can include expandable dividers in your desk drawers to organize your stationery and accessories such as pencils, sticky notes, markers, and other cute stationery.

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Desk Organizers for Stationery

While drawers are great, you will want to have some things on the top of your desk as well.

Figuring out what stationery has the exclusive right to stay on the desk is crucial.

You will want to invest into desk organizers that hold documents, books or other “must-have on the desk” items.

Interested in more stationery storage, check out our post here:

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Acrylic Organizers

One of my favorite type of drawer organization supplies include acrylic organizers!

They’re perfect for anyone and they don’t ruin any kind of aesthetic that might already exist.

Acrylic organizers are really easy to clean and will make finding things easier because of their transparency.

Supplies for a Small Home Office Workspace Desk

craft storage cart
craft storage cart

Craft Storage Cart

You wouldn’t believe how obsessed I am with craft storage carts..

Storage carts are not just for helping you organize your craft room, they are also great for additional desk storage.

Craft storage carts are perfect to put supplies that need to be easy to move around.

I think everyone needs at least 1 storage cart.. anywhere.. including your work area.

cable organizer

cable organizer

Cable Organizers

Cables can be really annoying when they start tangling with one another!!

A bunch of cables under your desk make your workspace look more disorganized than it probably is.

Get yourself a cable organizer to organize all your under desk cables once and for all.

OHill Cable Clips for Cable Cords Management
Buy OHill Cable Clips for Cable Cords Management

Clips for Desk Wires

Speaking about annoying cords, I really wish I had known about these clips for desk wires a lot sooner.

Get yourself some clips for desk wires so that you keep your chargers and technology cords organized.

The best part is that you are less likely to question “Which cord belongs to which appliance?” again.

Wall Outlet Extender
Wall Outlet Extender

Wall Outlet Shelf

One of the hidden gems in the organization world includes a wall outlet shelf.

I didn’t even know this existed until half a year ago.

A wall outlet shelf will save you storage space when you are charging your phone and don’t have to extend your annoying cord all over the desk.

Budget-Friendly DIY Desk Organization Ideas for Work

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Make a DIY Desk Organizer

You can make a DIY desk organizer if you have a bunch of boxes lying around your house.

Gather a few cereal boxes and cut out a slot to hold your papers and documents.

Or, grab a chocolate box container and put mini stationery supplies inside.

DIY desk organizers make for budget friendly storage!!

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Use Cardboard to Make DIY Drawer Dividers

If you even more cardboard lying around, you can also make DIY drawer dividers for your desk.

You just have to cut the cardboard to fit your drawers’ size and tape other cardboard pieces together if necessary.

This is also another budget friendly option to look into!!

diy desk out of storage cabinets

DIY Work Desk Made with Wood Plank

If you don’t have enough desk storage, or do not have a desk yet, consider making a DIY work desk made of storage crates and a wood plank similar to the desk shown in the picture.

You can use 2 storage crates to hold a plank of wood stable like a desk.

I think this type of desk is even better than a regular desk with no drawers because you have storage space!!

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Use Dollar Store Kitchen Items as Storage

Another pro-tip for creating a budget friendly organization area is using dollar store kitchen items as storage.

Instead of using typical desk organizers, you can get creative and go to the dollar store!!

Pick up some kitchen utensil organizers (you know the ones meant for spoons, forks and knives) and use them as desk organizers.  BOOM.  

Small Desk Organization Tips

small desk organization ideas

Using Mason Jars and Cups at Home as Storage

Mason jars and cups are not just things that you can use to drink your lemonade.

You can also use them to organize your pencils, paint brushes, pencils, or other stationery that you don’t want to have in your drawers.

They are aesthetically pleasing and give a casual style to your desk, which is nice to have in a professional setting.

I have found some at the dollar store too. 😉

How should I organize my desk at work

Place Phone Away While Working

Another tip that you can use to make your small desk feel a little bit less small is placing your phone way while you are working.

It limits distractions and makes for an even freer space!

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Label Your Cords

If you want even more organization with your wires and cords, then you can label your cords to tell you which one is which.

I know when I’m at work, sometimes I don’t know which wire is for the computer or an extension cord to another cubicle.

And labeling my cords saves me a headache and having to duck under my desk. *rolls eyes*

Work Computer Organization

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Take Advantage of Automation (Recurring Tasks, Scheduling, or Email Funnels)

If you are at work, and you notice that there is a task that you’re always doing, take advantage of automation tools to make your life easier!!

For recurring tasks, I would recommend looking into Asana.

For scheduling, I would use Google Calendar (or Asana) so you are not constantly going back and forth in your planner.

As for emails, I would schedule your emails in advance so you don’t have to write and send them in real time.

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That is All!!

I hope these desk organization ideas for work helped give you some inspiration and ideas to implement inside your own home office, desk or workspace. Please let me know if you use any of these desk organization ideas for work.  I look forward to hearing what you guys have to say in my DM’s and comments!!

Summary of post: This post goes over desk organization ideas for work.

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