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Let’s talk all about the life organization binder!!

life organization binder printables

When I say that this life organization binder includes so many things to help you manage your home, I MEAN IT.

I started creating this binder when I started college 5 years ago to help me start organizing my passwords and it has only gotten prettier and more bulky with more ideas I added.

As someone extremely picky when it comes to the aesthetic and usefulness of what I use everyday, I thought you could also use the SHT out of this binder!!

It is only fair to dive deep into what the binder holds so you have a better idea! 🙂

I am going to continue adding to it so comment down below if there is something you are interested in seeing.

Inside the Life Organization Binder

Fill-In-The-Blank Calendars

life binder printables

As someone who likes to fill in important dates for my business, birthdays, or upcoming events, I knew that calendars needed to be included.

You can always print out these calendars whenever you want and fill-in-the-blanks before the next school year, half-year, or year.

Weekly Planner

life binder templates

Inside is a weekly planner where you will be able to fill in any time slot between 5 am12 am in hourly time slots.

All 7 days of the week are included so you are able to schedule anything between Monday – Friday.

Daily Planner and Goals

complete life binder

I know some of you prefer to plan your days individually, so I wanted to include a daily plan page inside along with the weekly plan.

The goal of including both was to help you have more flexibility in choosing time slots.

I also included a section for goals and extra notes here.

Morning Routine and Meal Planning

life management binder

The complete life binder also includes 3 pages for a morning routine (pre-made, fill-in-the-blank, and a hybrid of the two).

The pre-made morning routine includes a 3 hour morning routine with times for working out, cleaning and self-care.

If you want more flexibility, the fill-in-the-blank morning routine includes areas for you to fill in for daily tasks, meal ideas, and workout plans.

There is also a hybrid which is the same as the pre-made routine, except you get to choose the times for your daily tasks that work with your schedule.

A fill-in-the-blank meal planning section is included on each page so you can gather meal ideas for the week.

Night Routine

life binder organization ideas and printables

Similar to the morning routine, there are also pre-made and fill-in-the-blank pages.

The pre-made night routine includes nightly tasks and things to prep for tomorrow’s morning routine.

On the other hand, the fill-in-the-blank night routine has slots to fill in those areas with your choice of tasks and things to prep for the next day.

Passwords and Login

household binder

Among the life binder templates includes 2 pages for passwords and login info.

You have flexibility to choose if you organize your info alphabetically or by title.

Emergency Contact Section

home management binder

The ultimate life organizer in this binder is the emergency contact section.

In order to help organize you, your household, or your family’s information, this page has different sections to fill out.

You can fill in the Name, Relationship, Address, Cell Phone, Work Phone, and Email Address.

Check out the Life Organization Binder

Now that you know what’s inside, all that’s left is for you to check out the life organization binder for yourself!!

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