Best Boba Merch And Gifts For Milk Tea Lovers!

This post is all about the best gifts for milk tea lovers!

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Trying to find the best gifts for milk tea lovers can be a really fun process if you have all your options laid out in front of you.

That’s why I created this list, as a boba lover myself, that could help you become your special someone’s favorite gift-giver!

We are going to go in depth with different options from Amazon and Etsy to help you choose the perfect boba gift!!

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Adorable Boba Merch

Boba Pencil Cases

Aren’t these adorable pencil cases so cute?! A really cute gift for boba lovers!

Milk Tea Plushies

These plushies are great for anyone that loves squishy pillows!!

Boba Plushies with an Adorable Animal

I know pillows are cute, but c’mon.. these animal plushies are the best cuddle buddies.

DIY Milk Tea Kits

One of the best gift ideas for bubble tea lovers are boba kits that they can make from the comfort of their own home such as these!! If you are in a relationship, they also make a great indoor date idea.

Bubble Tea Purses, Handbags and Tote Bags

If you are wondering what to gift with tea, how about one of these milk tea purses, handbags or tote bags?!

Boba Phone Cases

Who wouldn’t love a bubble tea inspired phone case? Just make sure to buy the right phone case for your special person!

Milk Tea Stickers

The best part about stickers as gifts for milk tea lovers is that they can go anywhere.. phones, reusable water bottles, laptops.. the list is endless!

Bubble Tea Backpack

These backpacks make the best bubble tea gifts! I’m curious to know your thoughts!!

Milk Tea Slippers and Slides

Some great milk tea gift ideas are indoor loungewear pieces that you can wear indoors!

Boba Candles

One of the parts that I love about showing you these milk tea gift ideas, is showing you boba inspired candles!! Real cute.

Boba Spa Gifts: Bath Bombs, Lotion and Body Butter

Everyone likes a spa.. but a MILK TEA SPA?! The best types of gifts combine someone’s obsession with bubble tea and relaxation.

Milk Tea Soap

To add on to the spa vibes, I wanted to give you a dedicated area filled with milk tea soap gifts!

Bubble Tea Cups

Every milk tea lover needs some reusable boba cups, period.

Milk Tea Keychains

A smaller, still cute gift idea include boba keychains!

Happy You Are Here!

I hope you enjoyed this mega list of boba gifts! Let me know which one of these milk tea cuties you buy for your loved one!! Feel free to make a boba gift basket with these items too!

Summary of Post: This post was all about gifts for milk tea lovers.

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