My Fitness Journey (MadFit App, Struggles, Goals and More!)

Here I am talking ALL about my fitness journey!

things i wish i knew before starting my fitness journey

I just want to start off saying that this post is VERY different than what I already have on my blog; I actually feel PRETTY out of my comfort zone and debated posting this one lol.

If you are here, I can only assume that means your somewhat curious about my fitness journey or looking for fitness inspiration!

That’s totally okay because I’m always on the search for fitness bloggers, YouTubers and websites to give ME inspo that have a similar view on fitness or what I can learn in a healthy way.

As a self-care blogger who finished her bachelor’s in Public Health and swam in high school, I think my approach to fitness has been more holistic and analytical to give you an idea of my POV.

For me, things got a little stressful in college and in 2020 so I have been wanting to get back on track.

I really wanted to share my journey with you somehow even though I am not a fitness blogger.. also as a way to keep myself accountable!

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Jan 2023 – Feb 2023

fitness journey stories

What I Worked On:

For my current workout plan, I follow the Madfit app for strength training and use the gym for cardio/classes. I’ve been following Maddie’s workouts since 2020 and decided to invest in the app THIS MONTH because I really love Maddie’s wellness outlook and exercises! I really struggle with consistency so that is my goal for 2023.

Here is what I focused on this month:

  • Finished 21 day move challenge
  • Started 28 day reset challenge
  • Used treadmill sparingly
  • 4 cyling and 2 zumba classes
  • Tried to stick to 7k steps daily as much as possible

My Fitness Goal of the Month:

I really wanted to run a mile under 20 minutes. I think my time was 22 minutes prior? I couldn’t even run for more than 2 minutes before without walking. Now I am able to sustain a 5 minute run!! My run time is 15 minutes 30 now.

What Surprised Me:

  • My pictures today vs a month ago surprised me! I can kind of see the difference on my face but my back and glute area.. it hit different lol. I ended up tearing up.
madfit fitness journey

What improved for me:

  • I took a cycling class the first week and.. I was hurting for a week ngl lol. I took my 4th class last week and now I’m only slightly in pain but my endurance definitely improved.
  • I used to do Maddie’s dance workouts and felt out of breath by the end of it. Now I am still a little out of breath but not full out winded!

What was hard for me:

Eating habits. I’ve been making an intent to eat a little better. I definitely did treat myself out to cupcakes, cookies and kbbq. BUT, I also did manage to eat a lot at home using my instant pot. Sticking to my gut around friends and family has been HARD though.

Feb 2023 – Mar 2023

feb 2023 to mar 2023 fitness journey

What I Worked On:

  • I was a swimmer in high school, so I FINALLY convinced myself to get back in the pool (after 6 years OOF)
  • Had less access to the gym so I did more home workouts (Move and Sculpt Challenges)
  • Changed my workout schedule to include more cardio I actually like since I get bored easily
  • Sometimes I would opt to just do a yoga session instead of a work out when days got really hard. I added a meditation one day and it really helped

My Fitness Goal of the Month:

This month was hard due to lots of personal stress going on so just getting myself to work out was the MAIN goal.

What Surprised Me:

  • I can lift 10 lbs now! I was at 7.5 lbs for a while lol
  • I’m SHOOK that even though I didn’t do as much cardio, I was still able to see some changes physically in the pictures (mainly face and back). I think it was because of my eating habits and getting some workouts in.
  • My support system! Someone told me that I tend to fall off the exercise/healthy eating bandwagon when sh*t hits the fan and to keep going.. and those words gave me enough courage to at least workout somehow (even if it wasn’t 100% effort).
how i started my fitness journey

What improved for me:

  • Although this month was SUPER difficult for me, I managed to stay motivated to continue eating healthy. I thank my support system for getting me through such a hard time
  • I know it sounds counterintuitive, but not doing as much cardio actually helped me give myself more grace.  I used to really take to heart that I couldn’t workout as much for the past 2 years and I gave myself grace to be okay that life was not perfect. Imperfect progress IS progress.

What was hard for me:

  • I had car issues so I couldn’t get to the gym to do my cycling and zumba classes for 2-3 weeks
  • Tbh, I really struggled this month to find motivation since I have anxiety and felt my environment was overstimulating. It helped changing out when I did abs, lower body, or upper body according to what I felt I could do that specific day.
  • For my mental health, I needed to take some days off to not work out. Instead of looking down on those days, I called them SELF-CARE DAYS and that made me feel a whole lot better in the grand scheme of things

Happy You Are Here!

I am going to do my very best to fill out this post monthly! All depends on where I feel mentally, physically and emotionally 🙂 COMMENT DOWN BELOW if anything resonated with you or your stage in fitness!

Summary of Post: This post was all about my fitness journey.

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