45+ Best Introvert Hobbies to Do For FUN Alone

This post is all about introvert hobbies.

introvert activities alone

As introverts, we like activities that don’t drain our social energy and/or renenergize us somehow.

Introverts, like extroverts, also deserve to have fun hobbies that EXCITE us.

These are the BEST introvert hobbies that I want to share with you today!

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Good Hobbies for Introverts


One of the BEST hobbies that you can do to feel comfy being your introverted self is baking! You can start by looking up recipes online, learning from cookbooks, or just following a mix at your local store.


I might be a little biased as a blogger, but blogging is an AWESOME hobby to start that is PERFECT for introverts like you and I. You can speak to others that have similar interests as you.. and even make some cash while you’re at it!

Interested in learning more about BLOGGING? I dive deep in everything blogging related in this post!


A relaxing hobby for introverts is yoga. Nowadays, I feel like social media has made yoga seem like people are just lifting each other to their demise or stretching their bodies into pretzels.. but becoming a yogi doesn’t have to be all that. There are plenty of online videos that are easy to follow!

Take Classes that Interest You

Taking online classes doesn’t just mean learning about boring math and history. When I started my blogging journey, I actually took quite a few community college classes in things I was interested in like graphic design. Even now, I’m really interested in taking a culinary class.


Look, I wasn’t KEEN on reading because college kind of ruined that for me.. thank you 300 page textbooks. BUT, reading is such a good hobby to do alone at home when you are reading books that ACTUALLY interest you.

If you want good starter books to build a READING HABIT, these are books I always recommend.

Bullet Journaling

My favorite hobby to recommend to any introverts with anxiety is bullet journaling! There is something so therapeutic in doodling with pretty colors, markers, and washi tape. You can also journal, plan out your day, and more.

This Minimalism Art bullet journal is the best bullet journal if you are a beginner and want a QUALITY notebook to start with. This consumer review was for a variation of the journal and they said it was a pretty book for the price!

Scuba Diving

As a swimmer, and honorary human fish, scuba diving only seems right to include on this introvert hobbies list. If you have access to scuba diving classes and are not afraid of the ocean, try out scuba diving! You will be underwater so there will be no socializing there.. unless it is with a random fish.

Paint By Numbers

Paint by Numbers is INCREDIBLY UNDERRATED and the perfect relaxing hobby for introverts. As someone that finds it difficult to paint something on the spot, I LOVE that you can choose what picture you want to follow and just have to stay in the lines.


If you are looking for a solo hobby and have a CREATIVE SOUL, scrapbooking is amazing. You can relive sentimental moments in your life and add stickers, photo frames, washi tape, cute notes and more to your scrapbook to customize.

Swimming When Pool Isn’t Busy

A great active hobby for introverts is swimming! BONUS if you live near an emptier pool where there aren’t a lot of crowds. As a swimmer, I can vouch for you and say that you will do very little interacting with people once you’re in the pool swimming your laps.

Dancing in Your Room

Another fantastic active hobby for introverts (that has also helped my own anxiety) is dancing! All you have to do is look up ZUMBA or DANCE WORKOUTS online and you’re golden.

My FAVORITE go-to dancing at home YouTube channels are Madfit and Zumba Class.


An introvert hobby that requires no socializing and is an AWESOME activity to do at home alone is journaling. Journaling has been my HOLY GRAIL as a girl with anxiety because I can release my pent up stress from the week and talk MAD SH*T when I am raging.


Aight, so the word PAIN is inside the word PAINtball and if that isn’t a red flag.. idk what it is. Paintball sounds like a great hobby for introverts who are secretly adrenaline junkies.

You get to run around hiding from people (like we usually do) FOR FUN. And if you ENJOY PAINTBALL, make this a hobby!

Traveling Alone

If you are looking to a hobby alone outside and have some cash saved up, traveling alone is a MUST. There are so many things that you have to decide on when someone else is present, but when you are alone, you can go wherever you want or EAT what YOU want!!


Some introvert hobbies that are great for the soul are volunteering opportunities. As someone who volunteered a lot in university, volunteering was one of the best, most internally rewarding hobbies that I have EVER DONE. Between food banks, cleaning after horses, or helping out at a park, there is SO MUCH you can do with this hobby.

If you want to make friends as an introvert, this is the PERFECT introvert hobby to also meet like-minded people who want to do good!

Pottery Making

A creative introvert hobby to try out is pottery making! I have yet to try pottery making but TikTok and Instagram have PEAKED my interest lol. How cool would it be to create your own mug?


As a self-care blogger, meditation is something I talk about quite a few times here. TRUTHFULLY, I didn’t like meditating before but it was because I didn’t find meditations that really spoke to me.. plus I hate staying still!

A great way to feel more comfortable with meditation is finding online videos that resonate with YOU and meditating away from other people (until you’re more comfortable) lol. My favorite meditation (that I do for anxiety) is this meditation from Goodful.

Salsa Dancing

I LOVE SALSA DANCING so naturally, I had to put it on this introvert hobbies list. If you are in the mood to make more friends who love to dance or want to get out of your comfort zone, salsa dancing is great!

I would say join a class at a local recreation center to get started learning salsa dancing. You can also bring a friend if you want to make it more comfortable for you.

Origami Making

A great hobby to do alone if you are artsy and love crafts, is origami making! Not only can you have fun making paper frogs ONCE, but you can make origami at random moments.. even waiting for meals at the restaurant.

One of the first origami books I remember following (where I learned how to make paper frogs) is this origami book that comes with origami paper! YOU CAN EVEN MAKE MONEY ORIGAMI.

Love calming CRAFTS? See more here:


Organizing is not just something your mom says so that your room doesn’t look like a tornado swept through. Professional organizers have legitimate careers from organizing! If the idea of stocking up on stationery, clear containers, and making things tidy APPEALS TO YOU, make it a hobby!

Jewelry Making

Making jewelry is a fun introverted hobby that requires no other person and is great to do on your own. You will need strings and beads to start and then build up to charms. There are even jewelry kits online to get you started.

EASY Knitting with Loop-It-Yarn

IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO KNIT, keep on reading!! I still don’t know how to properly knit but thanks to video tutorials and my friend introducing me to loop-it-yarn, I have made scarves for my family that they love. It only requires you, the yarn and your hands.


A solitude-friendly hobby for introverts who simply want to recharge and have fun is gaming! Personally, I am more of a multi-player gaming girl like Sims or Club Penguin.


Photography is a good hobby for introverts who want to travel, explore, and document their lives. You can start a photography Instagram or TikTok and show others what you have created.

If you want to monetize photography in your life, you might even consider taking product placement or graduation photos and building an online brand!


LOL, you either HATE puzzles or you LOVE them.. there is no in between. If you find puzzles relaxing and love using your introverted intuition, then master increasingly more complicated puzzles to get the JUICES FLOWING.

Calligraphy or Brush Lettering

Have you seen those social media videos where someone is making BEAUTIFUL letters of people’s names?! A great hobby to enrich your life (and possibly show off your talent a little) is calligraphy or brush lettering!


Watercoloring is AMAZING and I will not stand for watercoloring hating lol. Legit, all you need is watercoloring paint, brushes, water, and watercoloring paper.. and then you’re set.

My favorite MINI watercoloring set to use and recommend to you all is THIS MINI watercoloring set. I always say to check the reviews before getting it to get a FEEL of what others think.

Join a Book Club

Before I HATED reading, I would have never considered joining a book club. BUT, as a strong, independent young INTROVERT, I have grown to love books.. and made friends through book clubs. Of course, you can opt to just read by yourself, but joining a book club makes it easier to be more social about books you ACTUALLY like to read.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a BEAUTIFUL hobby to do alone at home! Personally, I started off learning graphic design using Canva. You can start there, and then expand onto professional software such as Adobe or Affinity (the more affordable of the 2 currently speaking).

Follow online tutorials to start or take community college classes if you want to take it further! I actually ended up catapulting my blog with the community college classes.


Immediately, Taylor Swift popped into my head when I thought about introducing playing guitar here. Release your inner-Swiftie and hatred for the haters while playing a musical instrument.


One of the only water-exercise activities I haven’t tried because I am a scared human chicken is diving! If you are a natural daredevil and thrillseeker, you will love diving! I had many friends who were on the diving team, but I will say to PLEASE TAKE A CLASS FIRST IF YOU ARE BEGINNING. Thanks <3


The idea of mosquitos grosses me out so I am not going to do well selling this to you.. here is my attempt:

IF YOU LOVE LAKES and BEING OUTDOORS along with the taste of SMORES, camping might be a great fit for you. Plus, for us introverts, it is important to have alone time and how much more alone can you get then the middle of the forest?

LOL, that was a disaster.

At Home Spa

I’m not quite sure if at home spas count as introvert hobbies, but WHY THE F NOT? It takes effort to put bath bombs, bubbles and candles into a bathtub on a weekly basis with all of life’s SH*T. Become a self-care enthusiast and make THAT your hobby.

Want to make a SPA AT HOME? Look more here:

Listening to Podcasts

I don’t know if listening to podcasts can be considered a hobby but it is DEFINITELY a FUN past time!! All you have to do is find podcasts that really interest you.

I currently love to listen to Wild Til’ 9 with Lauren and Jeremy.

Mini Clay Sculpting

Clay sculpting is actually a hobby I RECENTLY started getting into. It is really fun creating miniature donuts and hot dogs when you are bored at home alone.


If you like the idea of clay sculpting but not making miniature pieces all the time, maybe consider claymation. You get to combine FILMOGRAPHY, ANIMATION, and CLAY SCULPTING all in one!

Nail Design

I have to be HONEST, I had a phase where nail design was my life. You could catch me doing by hobby of nail design home alone with all the tools, nail polish types and patience of a million of a suns.

If you love painting your nails, you can even consider making nail designs for other people.. or making nail designs on fake nails and SELLING those.


As a self-proclaimed PLANT KILLER, gardening is not MY forte. BUT, if YOU love plants and are a great plant MOM OR DAD, then why not garden as a more serious hobby?!

My cousin actually loved gardening SO MUCH, she started working with exotic plants! This is a great hobby to do alone outside that requires no socializing.

Chocolate Sculpting

After following chocolatier Amaury Guichon on Netflix and on social media, chocolate sculpting has been another hobby that has REALLY grabbed my attention. If you can afford to take a chocolate sculpting class, then why not try it out?! Can you tell I have become somewhat of a serial hobbyist lol.


Bad news, I have motion sickness so kayaking and me are MORTAL ENEMIES. GOOD NEWS FOR YOU THOUGH, if you like kayaking, you can ride in a kayak by yourself and enjoy the outdoors! Take kayaking classes to get started if they are accessible to you.


People who draw and sketch, I envy you all. I have very little patience and am HIGH-KEY A PERFECTIONIST, so you won’t catch me drawing anytime soon.. If you have the talent to draw, sketch, and color take advantage of your talent!!

Candle Making

Making candles is a fun introvert activity you can do from the comfort of your couch or dining room table. This a fun hobby to do if you are artsy and love the smell of candles.


After taking my first cycling class this year, I highly recommend this to anyone who is willing and able! Cycling classes are perfect if you love staying active. Most people in the classes are so tired and in their own zone that they won’t even be looking over at you.


Hiking is another great introvert activity if you like exercising and enjoying the outdoors. You can get your steps in and enjoy the scenery which you can’t particularly do at home (unless your are a billionaire).

Creating Etsy Shop

As a blogger, I have heard of so many people making etsy shops for themselves and selling handmade goods to others! If you have a SECRET handmade talent that you want to share with others, consider making an Etsy shop!

If you want to take this all the way, invest in courses from people who have already been there and creating their own Etsy shops. Just look heavily in reviews.


Experimenting with makeup styles is a fun, relaxing hobby that is also like art for the body. Try out new ways to apply eyeshadow, contour, or highlight.

Happy You Are Here!

I hope you liked these introvert hobbies for adults. I threw in some really CREATIVE ones to JUICE it up a bit.

Summary of Post: This post was all about introvert hobbies.

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