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I will be sharing my favorite printable password list template!!

username and password log

Honestly, I wasn’t going to create this printable password list template, but I have gotten SUPER into creating binders that aesthetically match so I was like why not?!

I figured that if you are like me and want to have your passwords somewhat cute and readily accessible, then you would enjoy this free password list pdf too.

I will be giving you some options on how to store your password log pdf and the free pdf downloads!

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How to Store Your Username and Password Log

From my own experience, these are the best ways I have found to store your password lists.


You can use a binder of your choice, like this pack of white binders, to store your password log.

Unless you don’t mind having 1 binder for all of your passwords, I would get a few to separate which passwords you are looking for.

Binder Dividers

If you are choosing to go the one-binder route or enjoy more binder organization, then adding binder dividers can help you separate which passwords you are trying to find later on.

I love these binder dividers since they have a table of contents unlike other traditional ones to make your passwords easier to find.

Password Categories

You might want to consider organizing your passwords into personal, work, and other people’s account information.

I would list out what categories you want to have first, and then customize your free password list pdf’s accordingly!

What is inside the Printable Password Organizer PDF?

Inside, there are 2 types of username and password templates depending on what you want to use.

They both have slots to categorize your accounts, usernames, emails, and passwords.

They are just a tiny bit different as I’ll explain right now.

The Alphabetical Password List

Included is an alphabetical password list where you can organize your accounts by letter.

For example, if you are trying to organize “School” passwords, then you can put the password list under S.

The “Theme” Password List

In case the alphabetical option doesn’t appeal to you, then the there is a theme password list.

There is a “fill-in-the-blank” area to write down what you are trying to organize.

Download the FREE Printable Password List Template

We Made It!

Let me know what you think of this printable password list template!!  Let me know how your binders end up working out for you!!

Summary of post: This post is all about this printable password list template.

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