15 Cozy Date Ideas for Homebodies Who Love Staying In!

What happens when both you and your partner love staying in? You need date ideas for homebodies you BOTH agree on.

out of the box date night ideas at home

We have all had a time where we wanted nothing more than stay inside with our favorite person.

Luckily there are AWESOME ways to enjoy a comfy date at home!

Let’s talk about these at home date ideas that you can do with your boyfriend, girlfriend or partner.

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Out of the Box Date Night Ideas at Home

Couples Board Games Night

A classic couples date idea is having a game night. This is one of the best homebody activities to partake in because you get to see their competitive side!! It’s always fun getting to see your partner smile or shiver depending on how good they are at playing games. A great opportunity to try out the Adventure Challenge for Couples!!

Ideas to get you started:

Binge-Watch Shows with Snacks

Also known as Netflix and chill, enjoy a nice time on the couch watching your favorite shows together. Order a few snacks online to make the experience feel more movie theater-esque. It is a great date idea to snuggle and cuddle while getting filled on popcorn!

Ideas to get you started:

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Couples Spa Night

Who does not like staying home to a cozy spa night?! Enjoy each other’s company from your bathtub or bedroom with romantic candles and massage tools you have at home. You can also opt to add some more spa essentials to your repertoire such as a home spa kit.

Ideas to get you started:

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Bake your Favorite Dessert Together

The best way to get to know each other’s cooking habits is BAKING. Baking is like a 2-for-1 deal where you get a date idea that strengthens a relationship AND you eat something delicious! Best way to get to know if your partner knows how to cook lol.

Ideas to get you started:

Make a Giant Blanket Fort

Giant blanket forts are not just for kids. Making a giant blanket fort is such a cute bonding activity to do with your homebody buddy. All you need is a few blankets and chairs! Or you can set up an adult teepee for yourselves.

Ideas to get you started:

Backyard Patio Picnic Date

How about have a nice picnic without people around?! A couples backyard picnic is perfect for the introverted couple who feels shy with PDA. Just enjoy each other’s company with a nice picnic basket and charcuterie board.

Ideas to get you started:

Romantic Movie Night with String Lights

A really cute out of the box date night idea is to watch movies with string lights. You can set this date in a car, backyard, or indoors! This would be the perfect date idea to match with an indoor picnic or blanket fort!

Ideas to get you started:

Multiplayer Game Night (Nerdy Date Idea!)

A couples game night is AWESOME for a couple of nerds in love!! Build a family and home together on multiplayer-Sims or waddle around with fun mini games on Club Penguin. A very simple, fun at home date idea that pairs well with a two-person pillow and lazy dates.

Ideas to get you started:

Art Date Night Ideas at Home

As a craft nerd, art date nights really speak to me. If you and your partner are DOWN to create the wonders of scrapbooking, origami, or painting, this is a great screen free date night idea!! Don’t undermine the love of paint by numbers or other creative ideas you two can share.

Ideas to get you started:

Couples Karaoke at Night

What better way then to show off your amazing singing in the comfort of your own home. Couples karaoke is a bonding activity that you both will either do again or share as an inside joke. Don’t take it seriously anyway!

Ideas to get you started:

Arts and Crafts Date

You can also have a relaxing night in making arts and crafts with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Enjoy some calming crafts together and make the whatever the F you want. The CRAFTS are the limit.

Ideas to get you started:

Couples Yoga

Back in the OG YouTube days, there were a LOT of couples yoga challenges. Why not bring the nostalgic memories back and have your own couples yoga session with your date? A fun exercise to do with your person if they are willing.

Ideas to get you started:

Order Food Delivery at Home

Ordering food to get delivered right at your doorstep is perfect when you both feel a little lazy. Enjoy the homebody life with boba or ramen delivered straight to your door. Of course add other exciting date ideas for homebodies pair well with this.

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Try Out New Recipes

Personally, I’m always looking for a yummy recipe that I can remake over and over again. Why not lessen the pressure and cook up an idea together! Look for recipes that you both enjoy (or find weird enough to try) so you both aren’t just cooking a meal like usual. *c’mon this IS a date!*

Rank Your Favorite Snacks Together

If you also like getting controversial and stirring the pot with your partner, ranking snacks together is a surprisingly fun past time. You can rank chips, cookies, ice cream.. You will be surprised to see how different your taste buds react to some snacks.

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Happy You Are Here!

I hope you enjoyed these fun date ideas that introverts, homebodies or any couple who wants to enjoy a date night at home would love.

Summary of Post: This post was all about date ideas for homebodies.

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