16 Advantages and Disadvantages Introverts Can Relate To

This post is all about the advantages and disadvantages introverts can relate on.

strengths and weaknesses of introverts

Ever conversed with a lot of people and just wanted to go home instead of socialize?

Us introverts are awesome at being in the comfort of our thoughts.

Whether we are in the workplace, making new friends or just observing sh*t around us, extroverts might never understand how cool we are.

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Advantages of Being an Introvert

1. We make great listeners.

Although we are sometimes distracted by games, FOOD, or nerd sh*t, we make great listeners! Introverts like to stay back and take in what others are saying, instead of talking right away. People love to chat with us because it feels natural to let others finish what they want to say.

2. Introverts are approachable.

We know the feeling well of feeling a little shaky approaching an extrovert. They mean well but it can be a little anxiety-ridden approaching an extrovert because we don’t know when it is the right time to jump in. If there a social situation, an extrovert can easily approach us because we probably won’t be talking much to begin with!

3. Fun can be indoors, too.

Who said fun activities only take place outside? We feel energized staying at home while we read, binge-watch TV, and/or bake at home. Actually.. it fuels us more so than a huge party ever could.

4. There is comfort in our own thoughts.

Given that introverts enjoy spending moments alone, there is lots of time to understand and feel attuned to our thoughts. Personality quizzes, journaling, laying comfy on the couch.. the thoughts keep piling. Our thoughts intrigue us and we feel comfortable in their presence, unlike being in a room with hundreds of others’ thoughts.

5. We are great at observing others.

Maybe we are just used to people judging our homebody-ness, but we are naturals at observing the world around us. There are advantages to being quiet. We get to see how people speak, who gets interrupted, and little quirks that extroverts might not see when leading conversations.

6. Introverts are mindful about when they speak socially.

Us introverts are awesome. In social situations, we understand what it means to give space to others to voice their thoughts. We don’t want to overstep!

7. Small details are noticed.

Introverts are quiet observers and thus, notice small details. Extroverts love connecting with others and forming bonds. While extroverts connect, introverts notice everything down to people’s facial expressions, comfort levels and openness.

8. We thrive in quiet places.

The more noise and social activity there is, the more stimulation we feel. Quiet places give us time to re-energize and focus. Extroverts might be driven a little mad with staying put somewhere quiet for too long, but we love it and NEED it.

Disadvantages of Being an Introvert

1. Difficult to start conversations with everyone.

As an introvert, one of the suck-iest things is that we want to converse with people too.. but it is more difficult for us. Extroverts seem to have the easiest time connecting to others. Us introverts also want to make friends and this is something that can be a soft point.

2. We are easily perceived as quiet people.

Whether we are at work, school or at a club, people perceive us as quiet. Yes, some of us are naturally more quiet. That doesn’t mean that we won’t have a loud conversation with someone that we truly get along with.. we just need the right person!

3. Social occasions are DRAINING.

Social settings can suck itt. It can feel overwhelming saying hello to 5+ people at a party. Then, maintaining a conversation as well?!

4. Less confidence in group settings.

But I like the comfort of my home.. my safe, cozy home. When do I talk during a meeting or friend outing? Am I being too quiet.. do they see that too?

5. People don’t always hear us.

During heavily socialized events, so many people are talking. It can feel overpowering. Sometimes there is a place in our hearts that wants to get one word into a conversation but then 3 extroverts are taking over and we feel we lost our opportunity.

6. Introverts dislike attention.

Extroverts thrive when they receive attention. Introverts.. not so much. The idea of standing in the middle of a crowded room while everyone stares at you and waits for you to talk is overwhelming.

7. It can feel difficult to know when to talk.

When do I jump in and give my thoughts? There are moments when we want to speak what is on our mind but as the naturally quiet person in a group setting, it can be hard to disrupt that “quiet person” narrative.

8. Introverts are told they don’t participate enough.

Ever since we were in elementary school, people say we don’t participate enough. Extroverts have more ease creating relationships and grown-ups noticed. Psh, we participated in different ways!

Happy You Are Here!

I hope these advantages and disadvantages introverts have resonated with you! While this post was talking all about introverts, extroverts have a lot to share through their remarkable social abilities. Us introverts are also amazing in how we make others feel listened to and being independent (which doesn’t go unnoticed).

Summary of Post: This post was all about advantages and disadvantages introverts have.

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