The Ultimate Guide to Practicing Self-Care

We present to you the Ultimate Guide to Practicing Self-Care!

self care 101

When making the Ultimate Guide to Self-Care, I wanted to include EVERYTHING that is great to know!

This guide goes SUPER in depth on self-care info, hobbies and activities to help you for your Self Care Sunday, Spa Night Activities, and so much more.

There is a lot to cover so choose what interests you and let’s get started!

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All Things Self-Care

Self Care Activities for Any Season or Time of Year

5 minute self care ideas

Self-care doesn’t have to feel like a chore or have to last an entire day! These are great self care activities to do when you are bored or want something to do.

Self Care Activities for Students

self-care activities for students

If you are a college student, it is necessary to take some time for yourself with fun self care ideas such as college care packages and meal prepping.

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How to Create a Self-Care Routine

Add a Bath to Your Weekly Routine

self care bath routine

In order to stick to a routine for a LONG TIME, you will want to look forward to it. A great way to get started is by adding a self care bath or shower routine to your weekly schedule.

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Perfect Your NIGHT Routine

night routine

Sometimes life can be a little chaotic, so having a nice self care night routine to help you unwind and feel equipped for a new day is GREAT.

Add FUN BOOKS Into Your Daily Habit

best books to start reading habit for adults

If you are someone who does not like reading, have you tried reading great books that make you laugh and promote personal growth?

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Ideas for When You’re Bored

Have a Nice Self Care Sunday

self care sunday

The day before work starts on Monday is a great time to prioritize yourself and have a lazy Sunday or weekend!

Activities Adults Would Enjoy

self care activities for adults

You can even have some activities lined up with friends.

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Gather Ideas to Enjoy Being Alone

how to be happy alone

If you are bored, try to gather ideas to be happy alone! There are many ideas that you can enjoy without having company over. You can even enjoy having a solo self care birthday!

Self-Care Spa Must-Haves

Enjoy a Nice Spa Night

self care spa night

Anything with the word SPA is fun, so try having a spa night from the comfort of your home with some nice self-care essentials.

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Have a Nice Spa With Your Favorite Person

at home spa ideas for him

EVERYONE deserves a nice, relaxing spa dedicated to them so bring in your partner to the mix!

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Enjoying Being at Home

Homebody Guilt-Free Zone

homebody feeling guilty to stay home

Sometimes one of the greatest parts of being kind to yourself, is accepting yourself despite what others have to say. Being a homebody is awesome and deserves special recognition and praise!

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Embrace the Introvert Life

advantages and disadvantages introverts

Being an introvert makes you special in your own way. Enjoying quiet spaces? Gaining energy from the comfort of your couch? No shame in that!

Try Out a New Hobby

introvert hobbies

As someone who sometimes feel more introverted, it can be difficult to want to socialize. These are perfect hobbies to try out if you are an introvert.

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Self-Care with Others

Self-Care with Groups

self care activities for groups

Who said self-care has to be an individual activity?! Enjoy a nice day enjoying self-care activities with your friends!

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Relax with Your Favorite Person

date ideas for homebodies

How about having a nice lazy date with your boyfriend, girlfriend or favorite human? You can both chill at home after a long week of work.

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Couple Dates without TECHNOLOGY

screen free date night at home

Nowadays we all spend so much time on our phones. How about rekindle the relationship without having focus on mobile devices!?

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We Made It!

If you enjoyed this cozy ultimate guide to practicing self-care, please let me know so I make more content like this!!  I hope I was able to give you SOLID ideas to create your own self-care routine, spa day, or YOU time!

Summary of post: This post is all about the ultimate guide to practicing self-care.

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