I Like Being a Homebody (and not feeling guilty to stay home!)

When did feeling guilty about being a homebody even begin?! Was it the parents.. ME?

i prefer staying at home than going out

I’m going to say it: homebody shame is a REAL shame.

As an ambivert, slightly stretching into more introvert territory, I can relate with you on the the matter that being at home can feel better than being out and about.

I have come up with some good rebuttals for why staying at home all the time SHOULD BE EMBRACED. Join me.

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PROS of Staying at Home Than Going Out

Staying at Home All Day Doing Nothing

i love staying home and doing nothing | girl relaxing reading a book on bed

While I am an advocate for enjoying the beauty in the world around us, that doesn’t mean that staying home alone all day isn’t appealing!

Sometimes being outside can be stressful, and the stress isn’t ours to have made!!

Traffic, other stressed out introverts, long lines.. no thanks.

Feeling Guilty About Being a Homebody

staying home instead of going out | book and mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows

There is beauty in being a homebody but I have to clarify 2 forms of guilt.

If you are trying to stay home all the time to avoid problems, then I recommend seeking out a mental health professional to help you work through some stuff. No shame here, I have a therapist and she has helped me through some THICK times.

On the other hand, if you feel guilty because you love being inside but others, or your own mind, are telling you that being outside is better.. that is introvert guilt!

We can all agree that the world around us can be pretty to look at.

BUT, so is being cozy in bed, reading a book, enjoying a spa night, or playing video games.

You can’t take a freakin’ bubble bath in the middle of the park.. ’nuff said.

The Shame of Introvert Guilt

feeling guilty about being a homebody | girl reading on couch with mug of hot chocolate by fireplace

I was close to writing “The Shame of Introvert Shame” but the search engine elves would disown me.

Haters of introverts, please understand that we don’t stay inside to p*ss you off.

We aren’t creating chaos in the outside world or causing traffic.. you should be thanking the homebody feeling guilty to stay home.


Us introverts bring the peace, inner voices, and diversity of opinions to the spaces we occupy.

Imagine a conference room with only extroverts?

No hate to my other half (again, I’m an ambivert so I get the other POV) but the hotel security would kick you out for being so loud without introverts to balance y’all out.

Why Do I Feel Guilty When Resting?

staying home all day doing nothing with a book, coffee, croissant

I think this one is for extroverts, introverts, ambiverts, and all in-between.

Everyone needs solitude and rest.

Being at peace at home can bring up your own voice among the sea of others.

The comfort of your own home can bring clarity about things that only you can solve.

Friends, partners, parents can give their opinions all they want.

At the end of the day, we are the ones that are stuck with ourselves 24/7 and being comfortable with ourselves is f*cking amazing.

Happy You Are Here!

If you made it this far, I love your willingness to read everything and have a venting sesh with me. As someone somewhat cynical, it can be easy to find the ugly and bad in the world around us. Let’s find the good. We shouldn’t shame extroverts, introverts, and everyone who falls in the middle. We might simply not get the other POV.

Summary of Post: This post was all about homebody feeling guilty to stay home.

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