30+ Boba Room Decor Ideas To Brighten Your Mood

Check out these boba room decor ideas!

boba decor

If you are reading this post, then I can only ASSUME we share this love for bubble tea, TOGETHER.

As a milk tea enthusiast, I felt the need to show you these really adorable boba room decor pieces that you can have on your desk, nightstand table, or other living spaces!!

I included so many ideas on here so feel free to snoop around and snag these boba accessories.

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Hanging Neon Lights

Now, I needed to start this list with a BANG! Expect to pay a little more but for how COOL they look.. it is worth saving some money!!


If you are a candle fan, did you know you could get some boba candles like these handmade ones?!

Boba Plush

Aren’t these plushies so cute?! They are the most tempting pillows to squish in my opinion.

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These throw blankets would make the cutest boba room decor! I especially thought the panda and boba one was cute AF.

Soap Bars

These soap bars would be great boba accessories for the kitchen, bathroom, or guest room!


Want to decorate your wall with some cute boba banners? How about hanging one of these in your bedroom?


If you also feel that the smallest details in your home really change up your room’s ambiance, then you will love these boba tea magnets.


Sometimes functionality is better than just regular home decor.. aka BOBA MUGS that you can USE to add to your room’s aesthetic!

Boba Tea Light

Maybe try lighting up your room with a boba tea light!!

Carpet and Doormat

A milk tea carpet or welcome mat are perfect for inviting others into your home or adding home decor to your bedroom, living room, or bigger floor areas.

Boba Keycap Decor for Keyboards

Looking to give your keyboard some OOMPH? These boba keycaps will give typing a different vibe!

Deskmat and Mouse Pad

Revamp your desk or gaming setup with these milk tea deskmats or mouse pads!

Happy You Are Here!

I hope you enjoyed all these boba room decor ideas!! Let me know which ones you get for your space 🙂

Summary of Post: This post was all about boba room decor ideas.

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