How to Make a Hot Chocolate Bar on a Budget

Let’s talk all about making a hot chocolate bar on a budget!

hot chocolate bar ideas

You might be trying to setup a hot chocolate toppings kit for party guests or to decorate your home during the holidays.

As a girl of ideas who loves hot chocolate, I wanted to share these awesome ideas to include in your hot chocolate bar!

We are going to dive deep in toppings you will need, cute containers, and bar setup ideas.

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How to Create a Hot Chocolate Station

Hot Chocolate Toppings

hot chocolate toppings kit

When we talk about hot chocolate, we can’t not talk about toppings that take your hot chocolate bar to the next level..

In order to stay budget-friendly, I would suggest to scavenge your nearest dollar store’s candy section for a few of your favorites or stock up on clearance candy after Halloween to use for the winter.

You can even crush some of these items in a ziploc bag.

Fun Toppings to Include are:

  1. Peppermint (Crushed or in Cane Form)
  2. Crushed Chocolate
  3. Marshmallows
  4. Sprinkles
  5. Syrup (Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel, or a 3-pack)
  6. Whipped Cream

Hot Chocolate Mix

hot chocolate bar recipe

If you are going to splurge on anything for your hot chocolate bar on a budget, let it be the actual hot chocolate!!

Packets are easiest for guests to use in parties.

On the other hand, if you are having a small get-together with family and friends, you might opt to make a pot of hot chocolate so I gave you a variety of options. It always makes for a romantic movie night activity!

Best Hot Chocolate Mix to Look Out for:

  1. Abuelita Mexican Style Hot Chocolate (Packets or Block form) *my favorite*
  2. Nestle Hot Chocolate Packets
  3. Swiss Miss Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Packets

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Candy Containers and Jars

hot chocolate bar kit

Presentation is key for your hot chocolate station!

Personally, I would invest in glass containers because I also use them to organize my home but I do have plastic containers to hold my hot sauce in the fridge hahaha.

In the past, I was lucky to find jars at the dollar store but at other times I wasn’t so I included options here for you too.

Some Container or Jar Ideas to look into:

  1. Plastic candy jars (hexagon shaped or round shaped)
  2. Clear Angled Bowls
  3. Large Mason Jars
  4. Clear plastic plates or bowls (when all else fails lol)

Extra Accessories for Your Hot Cocoa Bar

hot chocolate bar signs kit

I think my favorite part of setting up a hot cocoa bar is the actual setup!!

Depending on where you want to setup your station (table, cart, kitchen, etc.), I wanted to give you ideas on more you can add or different ways to set it all up.

Your hot cocoa bar will look so cute!

Why not try these hot cocoa bar ideas:

  1. Straws
  2. Clear Spoons (for toppings containers)
  3. Ribbon
  4. Tablecloth
  5. Metal Rolling Cart (more pricey but perfect for holiday decor!)

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Happy You Are Here!

I hope you enjoyed these hot chocolate bar on a budget ideas!! I would love to see how you decorate your hot chocolate stations 🙂

Summary of Post: This post was all about hot chocolate bar on a budget.

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