38 Fluffy and Squishy Gift Ideas that People Will OBSESS Over (Something Soft or Cozy!)

This post is all about fluffy and squishy gift ideas.

something soft gift ideas

If you’re here, you know someone who is cheerful when there are fluffy and squishy things in their life.

Lucky for you, I LOVE browsing the Internet for items that make your life feel soft and warm.

Here is a THOROUGH list of fun gift ideas to get your loved one!

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Top Cute and Fluffy Gift Ideas

Fluffy Mini Backpacks

One of the best fluffy gifts that anyone would love to receive is a soft mini backpack! Get them a gift that is both practical and cozy.

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Cozy Slippers

I figured this was the perfect idea to include since I wanted to buy one of these slippers. Your loved one will enjoy this soft fluffy gift that they can use around their home.

Fluffy Blankets

Whether your pal is a home decor FANATIC or soft, loungy kind of gal.. they will love receiving a fluffy blanket. You can even get them this funny tortilla blanket to smile about.

Warm Winter Boots

Along with some nice slip on house slippers, a nice pair of warm winter boots are a MUST-HAVE. I think we underestimate the power of stepping in some nice slipper booties.

Neck Car Pillows

If your person is a HUGE car fanatic or loves decorating their vehicle, then something soft to get them is a nice neck car pillow. Plus if you ever enter their car, how nice would it be to rest on a fluffy corgi behind!

Kawaii Plushies

For the kawaii lover out there, you can NEVER go wrong with a cute kawaii plushie. I mean you can’t say not to a little squishy mushroom plush!

Animal Plushies

These reversible octopus plushies from TeeTurtle went viral at some point and still make a great gift for your loved ones. I knew I had to include the Pusheen cat which I use on Facebook a lot.

Soft and Fuzzy Eye Masks

For some reason, I have been in a fluffy eye mask season and COULD NOT miss talking about these. A less expensive warm and fuzzy gift idea would be a fluffy animal sleep mask or silk eye mask.

Squishy Food Pillows

If you have a best friend who is obsessed with food pillows and squishmallows, they will LOVE these. My best friend loves donuts so I’ve been eyeballing these donut pillows.

Soft Reading Pillows

As a book nerd, I think it is HIGHLY IMPORTANT to have a nice place to lounge and read a book. A nice reading pillow is PERFECT for the gal with at-home self care days.


I could not just MENTION Squishmallows without actually INCLUDING them here. The perfect squishy, soft plush gift to get a gal is a squishmallow.

Hedgehog Stuffed Animals

These hedgehog stuffed animals are the only hedgehogs we can hold without a worry. If your family member or friend is a homebody, they will love a hedgehog plushie for fluffy and squishy gift ideas.

Fuzzy Socks

A go-to fuzzy gift idea that won’t break the bank are fuzzy socks! I actually packed some fuzzy socks this week for a few of my relatives #IsItARecession.

Boba Stuffed Animals

I have written EXTENSIVELY about boba gifts so it felt natural to include a few options here. You can get your favorite person a boba plushie to squish and sleep with.

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Body Pillows

A create warm and cozy gift idea is a body pillow! They will always have something to hug and snuggle with when they are cozy in bed.

Summary of Post: This post was all about fluffy and squishy gift ideas.

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