How to Make a Cute Happiness Jar for a Friend or Bestie!

This post is all about how to make a happiness jar for a friend or best friend!

happy jar messages for best friend

I am a firm believer that the best gifts are both meaningful and easy to make.

If your special person is a cheesy, sentimental human, they will love reading through notes that remind you of them.

The hard part is coming up with ideas, but lucky for you, I did the hard work so all you have to do is apply it all to your person!

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How to Make a Happiness Jar

Gather These Supplies

supplies for learning how to make a happiness jar | mason jar, scissors, marker, pen, construction paper

This project is REALLY simple but gathering supplies prior will make life easier. Then you can just focus on happy jar messages for your best friend!

Gather these supplies:

Happy Jar Messages for Best Friend or Friend

happy jar ideas written on strips of yellow, pink and orange construction paper using sharpie marker

To save you heartache, I have listed these questions to help you think about happy jar ideas that suit YOUR FRIENDSHIP.

There are also happiness jar quotes further below to choose from that are more general!

Ideas to get you started:

  1. Favorite moments with best friend
  2. What makes you think of them?
  3. How have they changed your life for the better?
  4. Favorite joke they gave you
  5. Throw shade (be nice!)
  6. What food do you BOTH love?
  7. When did you know they were your best friend?
  8. DOODLE funny things!
  9. What do you love about their personality?
  10. Send a virtual hug
  11. Why do they make you laugh?
  12. Give them a piece of encouraging advice
  13. Why are they weird and lovable?!
  14. Fun trips you have both taken
  15. Spill the tea sis
  16. Describe her in 1 positive word
  17. Compliment their personality
  18. Describe the first moment you both met
  20. Give a backhanded compliment

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Happiness Jar Quotes

happiness jar quotes

By this point, you might be needing some positivity happy jar quotes to keep you going. Here are some things to write in a happy jar that are more general.

Ideas to get you started:

  1. The song “______” reminds me of you.
  2. It’s amazing how much sh*t we come up with when we are together.
  3. You are as bright as ______?
  4. The world couldn’t separate are chaotic minds, thankfully.
  5. Somehow you make me laugh every time you _______?
  6. If you’re reading this, you are super cheesy.
  7. You are my best friend for LIFE, no one else’s.
  8. I love you like a ____.
  9. Thanks for being my best friend.
  10. I couldn’t have been more lucky to have a best friend like you.
  11. I’m lucky to have a funny, weird pal to do life with.
  12. You will always be a positive light even when you are tough on me.
  13. Thanks for humbling me.
  14. You are the awesome you I have ever met.
  15. I feel honored to be your best friend.
  16. I wouldn’t be the same person if you hadn’t sat me down and roasted me.
  17. Thanks for being a bright smiley face in my life.
  18. I feel bad that other people will not have our amazing friendship.
  19. You are my other half.
  20. My favorite memory with you is ________?

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Happy You Are Here!

I hope your best friend enjoys receiving their happiness jar! With a few adjustments, you can also make these for a boyfriend/girlfriend or family member.

Summary of Post: This post was all about how to make a happiness jar for a friend.

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