How to Make a DIY Self Care Jar & 75 Fun Self Care Ideas!!

self care ideas

This post is all about how to make a self care jar and self care ideas.

Whether you are looking to make a self care jar for yourself or as a gift, this post goes over EVERYTHING!!

As someone that loves making self care jars to relax, as home decor pieces or as gifts, I KNEW that this post had to mention ALL self care jar ideas that you can make for yourself or others!!

As a bonus, I have also included a GIANT LIST of self care ideas besides “self care jar” stuff to inspire you during self care time or to help give you more gift ideas <3

I’m so excited for you!!  Let’s start!

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DIY Self Care Jar Instructions

For these instructions I will be explaining how to make an a Self Care Ideas Self Care Jar.  I’ll go over OTHER types of self care jar ideas after these instructions.

What do you put in a self-care jar?

self-care ideas

For those wondering what do you put in a self care jar.. the list is endless!!

For our self care ideas jar above, gather these materials:

* means optional

Mason jars with handle for self care jar
Mason jars with handle for self care jar
  • Chenille Stems* – buy a similar product here
Chenille Stems for self care jar
Chenille Stems for self care jar
  • Gold Wrapping Paper* – buy a similar product here
gold wrapping paper for affirmations jar decor
gold wrapping paper for affirmations jar decor
  • Thick popsicle sticks* buy a similar product here
Popsicle sticks for affirmations in self care jar activity
Popsicle sticks for affirmations in self care jar activity

How to Make a Self Care Mason Jar

More DIY Self Care Jar:

For this self care jar, you just need to cut construction paper into strips that are thick enough to write on.  Make sure to make the paper stripes slightly longer than the height of the mason jar like in the image below.  That way it can make it look more cute and aesthetic 😉

Then, comes the best part!!

Using whatever marker you love, write down self care ideas that you love to do!!  I made it really easy for you to find self care ideas to include on your list in the rest of this post!!

self-care jar


Self Care Jar Ideas (for you!)

self care planner

1. Self Care Jar Ideas: Make An Affirmation Jar

Using whatever marker you love, write down self care ideas (or mini compliments) to yourself!!

Make sure these compliments resonate heavily with you since you will refer back to these on the toughest of days <3

2. Self Care Ideas Using Mason Jar: TREAT JAR

Along with affirmations, a mason jar filled with treats is perfect for selfcare!!

You can fill it up with your favorite candies, gum, snacks, or anything you need to give you a little boost of energy.

Interested in making other gifts, check out this post:

3. Self Care Ideas Using Mason Jar: Self Care Essentials

More self care jar ideas:

In this mason jar idea, why not include things such as a mini deodorant, nail clippers, mini face cloth, nail polish, or things you always need to help with hygiene?!  Make your life easier and have it in one self care jar.

4. Self Care Jar Ideas: Encouragement Jar

Instead of mini compliments, how about inspirational quotes that INSPIRE THE CRAP OUT OF YOU?!

You can find inspirational quotes for your encouragement jar here:

  1. Pinterest
  2. Family sayings you have basically memorized
  3. Friends’ recommendations
  4. People who inspire you in any of the 8 areas of self care (physical, psychological, environmental, spiritual, professional, financial, social, emotional)

5. Jar of Happiness

More self care jar ideas:

Why not include happy jar ideas into your self care jar?!  Things that make you happy, tear up from happiness, or make you proud when you think about it!!  Sometimes we need that little motivation from a jar of happiness <3

6. Positivity Jar Ideas

Positivity jar ideas can include things that you are grateful for or have made you who you are!!  When you are in a tough spot, these positivity jar ideas can remind you how past difficult experiences have shaped you now and to keep pushing forward. 🙂

7. Self Care Jar Ideas: Mason Jar Meal Prepping

The BEST self care ideas are the ones you can eat, amiright?!  Look up some fun recipes such as breakfast parfaits or taco salads in a mason jar to help you out.

8. Self Care Jar Ideas: Sensory Glitter Jars

If you search on Pinterest, you can find some really pretty glitter jars that are relaxing and mesmerizing to watch!

9. Self Care Jar Ideas: Self Care Survival Jar

Create a self care survival kit that includes things you need when you are having a really bad day.  For example, I have pocket tissues, ear plugs and notes that say my accomplishments in my self care survival jar.

Looking for other survival kits to use in your office or while adulting?!  Check these posts out:

10. Self Care Jar Ideas: Accomplishments Jar

Fill up one self care jar with ONLY accomplishments.  Anything small or big COUNTS.

Self Care Jar Gift Ideas (for others!)

self care mason jar

11. Mason Jar Gifts Self Care: Mini Beauty Essentials Jar

Include all the beauty GOODIES for your special someone <3  You can include nail polish, eyebrow tweezers, nail clippers, makeup brushes, beauty sponges, and chapstickThis chapstick is the only one I have found that helps my lips moisturized on a hot day.

chapstick for physical self care
chapstick for physical self care

12. Mason Jar Self Care Gift: Memory Jars

More self care jar gift ideas:

Include some of your favorite memories between the both of you that you will want your person to remember!!

These memory jars make for the perfect gift anyone would love receiving!

13. Self Care Jar Gift: Snacks Jar

Snacks Jar, self care jar gift
Snacks Jar, self care jar gift

Mason jars are not the only jars that you can use!!  You can use this kind of jar too!!  Put all your pal’s favorite snacks inside this cookie jar for them.

14. Self Care Jar Gift Ideas: Spa in a Jar

More self care jar gift ideas:

at home spa for self care jar activity
at home spa for self care jar activity

How about make a mini spa in a jar?!  You can add other mini self care essentials into your jar as well.

I wanted to make it easy for you to have a self care spa night with this mini spa kit!

You can also create your own self-care kit and give them as gifts as well!

Fun Self Care Ideas

self care crafts

15. Self-Care Ideas: Spa Day Scalp Massager

scalp massager for self care ideas

scalp massager for self care ideas

Have a spa day with some fun massage tools such as this scalp massager!!

I love the way this specific massager makes my head feel tingly when I use it!

16. Self Care Ideas: Take a Nice Walk Outside

Change up the ambiance and take some YOU time outside!

17. Selfcare Ideas: Bake A Nice Dessert

One of the best self care ideas is baking desserts that are fun to make and yummy to eat!!

17. Self Care Crafts: Painting for Fun!

Paint By Numbers as selfcare ideas
Paint By Numbers as selfcare ideas

A great way to make painting fun is to make it simple and KNOW that it will look cute.

That is why I am a big fan of paint by numbers because I know I can’t just free hand a beautiful painting like this one!

Looking for more self care crafts?  Check out related posts here!

18. Self Care Routine

More self care ideas:

Why not revamp your selfcare routine by adding in some new self care activities that you might have not thought about?!

You can try out a new skin care routine.  YouTuber Hyram makes skin care routines easy to understand!!  Check out his videos here.

19. Selfcare Challenge

daily self-care challenge

If you are looking to take on a new selfcare challenge, find our JTT Daily Self Care Challenge here in our free printables library!!

Our challenge gives you mini activities that you can do throughout an entire day to help motivate you with self care!!

20. DIY Self Care Box Ideas

More self care ideas:

self care box as self care jar alternative
self care box as self care jar alternative

Of course for a self care box, YOU NEED A NICE (AND CUTE!) BOX.  Personally I love how this pack of boxes comes with twine so it looks more “custom” and “handmade”.

The best part is that you can make one for yourself AND make several self care boxes in one batch when Christmas comes up!!

Some other DIY self care box ideas to include: 

fuzzy socks for self care box
fuzzy socks for self care box
  • Your favorite candles
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • A good read

21. Self Care Box Ideas

If you don’t have as much time to create DIY self care box ideas for yourself (or as a gift), then I would recommend to purchase pre-made self care boxes off of Etsy.  I really love how personalized and handmade these are!  You can find self care boxes that include succulents, candles, socks, books, and more!

Just choose one that fits your vibe or the vibe of those receiving a self care box.

22. Self Care Products: Neck Massager

neck massager self care products

neck massager self care products

I always recommend this neck massager on here because it really works through those knots.  Just ask my dad.  He uses it weekly!

I also “borrowed” it for a little bit before I gave it to him.. LOL.  I just wanted to try it out to make sure it worked well 😉

23. Self Care Aesthetic Ideas: String Light Jars

Have you ever seen those jars that have string lights inside them that look REALLY cute?!  These make for the perfect self care aesthetic in your room.

They are also a whole vibe when you are reading in the evening or want to boost the ambiance. 🙂

24. Self Care Planner

More self care ideas:

I am personally a bullet journal girl BUT self care planners are also pretty good to help you keep track of your habits, goals, accomplishments and other notes.

I would try to find a self care planner that works for your lifestyle!!

More Self Care Gift Ideas

self care ideas using mason jar

25. DIY Selfcare Basket Ideas: Hot Cocoa Packets!!!

hot cocoa packets for self care basket or self care jar
hot cocoa packets for self care basket or self care jar
mini baskets for self care basket
mini baskets for self care basket
shredded paper self care jar ideas
shredded paper self care jar ideas

OMG!!  Would you not be really excited to receive a personalized, MINI hot cocoa basket?!  If you include hot cocoa packets, mini baskets and shredded paper, you are GOLDEN!!

You can make a bunch of these mini hot cocoa baskets for a smaller price than a lot of other gifts fosho.

26. Self Care Basket Ideas

More self care gift ideas:

If making a DIY Hot Cocoa Self Care Basket does not sound appealing, then already made self care baskets are the way to go!!

I would recommend picking and choosing self care basket ideas off of Etsy.

27. Self Care Package Gift Ideas: Choose a Theme!

Making the perfect self care package does not have to be difficult.  By choosing a theme, it makes choosing the bits and pieces of your basket a lot easier.

Some great themes for your self care package gift ideas include: 

  • Disney
  • Cozy
  • Therapeutic
  • Spa Day
  • Pampering Day
  • Food
  • Snacks

Mega List of Self Care Ideas (45+ More!)

This list of self care ideas includes all other self care ideas that you can do on a Self Care Sunday, Spa Day, or Pampering Day!!

  1. Read a really good book to help you focus on the right things!  This amazing book is one of the books I ALWAYS recommend!
  2. If you are willing and able, go to a Japanese Garden!!  These are SO relaxing.
  3. Clean up areas around your home that have been BUGGING you.  You might feel a little tired depending on the size of clutter.. but working in a nice space AFTER is so therapeutic.
  4. Have a fab self care night at home by yourself or with friends.  I go over all the essentials here: How to Have the Perfect Self Care Night!
  5. Make a bedtime self care kit.
  6. Go window shopping without buying anything at the PET STORE!!
  7. Start a website and include all your accomplishments.  This is what I call PROFESSIONAL SELF-CARE my loves.  Include your website on your resume. <3
  8. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.
  9. Have a virtual game night or regular game night!!
  10. Try your hand at making a pizookie.  For those who are reading this like daf*ck, it is basically a pizza-cookie with ice cream on top.  It is one of the greatest things that has ever been invented.
  11. Start a self care bullet journal!!
  12. Take a WHOLE nap.  You deserve it.
  13. Try out any of the amazing self care activities on our giant list: The Ultimate List of Self Care Activities PDF: 100 Activities to Choose From!
  14. Create a workout routine that works for YOU.  I started working out with Madfit’s 1 month workout challenge here.
  15. Revamp your skin care routine.  I have found out so much about skin care through Hyram’s videos here.
  16. Meal prep for the week!!
  17. Create a vision board of all the things you want to accomplish.  Think about where you want to be in 5 years, 10 years, even 30 years.
  18. Answer these journal prompts to inspire self love <3
  19. Write down some affirmations.
  20. Recite some things you are thankful for.
  21. Go out for a run!!  In 2020, I invested in a compact elliptical to stay moving while indoors.  I would look into getting one since they tend to run cheaper than ones you find at the gym.  I personally use this elliptical.  For the price, it does its job.   I do have to say that my elliptical does require constant care.  Really level your expectations for the price. 🙂
  22. Try out a puzzle!
  23. Make some crafts!!  I compiled this list of self care crafts that I think you would enjoy: 9 Calming Crafts for Adults That Are Easy, Cute & Stress-Relieving
  24. Prepare a bath and bask in the ambiance.  *lock the door of course*
  25. Try out some Paint by Numbers or Diamond Paint By Numbers.
  26. Make a boredom box!!
  27. Have a NICE, BIG stretch.
  28. Update your self-care playlist.  Add some nostalgic songs if you want.
  29. Make a DIY Face Roller.
  30. Make some tea.
  31. Reorganize your office desk.
  32. Put on a really nice perfume!!
  33. Take a long walk outside paying attention to the tiniest, most beautiful things nature has to offer.
  34. Eat some chocolate 😛
  35. Start a new relaxing craft hobby!
  36. Make a 30 day self care challenge for yourself with mini activities!!
  37. Light a refreshing candle!
  38. Dance your heart away!!  Have you tried dance workouts such as these?
  39. Make an Adulting Survival Kit to get you through the tough times of being an adult.  All the good stuff is here: 17 Insanely Helpful Adulting Survival Kit Ideas
  40. Have a Spa Day!!
  41. Invite some friends over and have a movie night!
  42. Travel to your favorite place nearby.
  43. List 20 recent wins.
  44. Write a letter to your past self listing all the things you are proud of them doing.  Congratulate them!!  Tell them how far they will go <3
  45. Make an office survival kit with things you NEED while working.
  46. Write down your passwords and put them in a safe space.
  47. Take some time away from your phone.
  48. Make a healthy smoothie with fruits and veggies!!
  49. Try out Zero Based Budgetting.  I learned a lot about financial wellness and getting out of debt with this book here.
  50. Smell something pleasant like body wash, perfume, desserts, etc.
  51. For those of you in college, try out some relaxing activities to help you with college stress!

That was A LOT of self care ideas!!  I hope you found a few that you want to try out!  Of course don’t forget about self care jar ideas that we included prior as well 🙂

Let me know if these ideas help you out!!

Summary of post: This post goes over self care jar and self care ideas.

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