15 Budget-Friendly Best Friend Date Ideas (Free and Low Cost Activities!)

Let’s talk all about best friend date ideas!

friend date ideas

One of our favorite moments on EARTH is hanging out with our besties.. aka our secret holders.

Sometimes we are strapped for cash and are looking to do something both fun and budget-friendly.

These are affordable best friend date ideas that you can do at home or outside when you want to have a nice time!

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Cute Friend Date Ideas on a Budget

Watch an Early Bird Movie

A great way to save on money but still have a fun time at the movie theater, is watching an early bird movie.

This is BY FAR my favorite time to go to the movies because usually there is less people (great for best friends who are introverts).

My favorite thing about watching early bird movies is that movie theaters are usually less busy so you can choose your seats with ease and still have time to eat something nearby.

Make Dollar Store Desserts Together

Dollar store dates are incredibly underrated.

If you are looking for fun date ideas for best friends, then why not go to the local dollar store and grab yourselves some dollar snacks?!

You can grab some cupcake or cookie mixes and bake them together at home while watching Gossip Girl or Friends!

Movie Night in a Blanket Fort

Out of the bloom one day, my best friend and I made a blanket fort in the middle of her living room and it was SO FUN.

It was an incredibly cheap idea since we already had everything in our homes.

All you need for this friend date idea at home are chairs/couch, blankets, a laptop and snacks.

Bake Yummy Desserts at Home with Bestie

Another great idea to add to your best friend date idea list is baking yummy desserts at home!

If you are low on cash, you can head to the dollar store or find an off-brand dessert mix at the grocery store.

I will say that if you have siblings or extended family, you might want to bake double because they ALMOST ALWAYS eyeball your snacks.

Chat at the Local Coffee Shop

If Rachel, Monica and Phoebe can do this on TV, why can’t we do this in real life?!

A unique and fun friend date idea is catching up on the latest in your bestie’s life over a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

You can bring board games to make your time at the coffee shop feel more cozy!

Enjoy a Picnic at the Beach with Friends

If you and your bestie are in the mood to enjoy an aesthetically pleasing best friend date idea, then you will LOVE this one.

You can grab a towel/blanket, snacks, food, and umbrella and have a nice picnic at the beach!

If you are both down to cruise around the beach, then bring a bike or skateboard to explore the beach more. *don’t forget to take pictures*

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Make a DIY Happiness Jar for Each Other

One of the cutest things to do with your best friend is make a DIY happiness jar for each other.

You don’t need a whole bunch of supplies and most should already be at your home!

This is a great way to show each other how much you care about each other.

Create Scavenger Hunts at Your Favorite Stores

A MEMORABLE friend date idea that I will never forget was following a scavenger hunt for my friend’s favorite items.

The best part about this best friend date idea it is FREE.

All you have to do is make a scavenger hunt list for each other asking your best friend to find items at the store (ex. favorite stuffed animal, game, etc.).

Choose Different Clothing Styles for Each Other

My best friend and I LOVE going to the mall.

Since you are hanging out with your BESTIE, they already know what kind of clothing style you prefer.

This is your best friend’s chance to completely rearrange your look COMPLETELY (mine put me in such a weird combination of clothes, I will never forget that day lol).

Relax with a Spa Day or Beauty Day at Home

Who said spa days had to be expensive?!

A budget friendly date night idea for you and your best friend is to enjoy an at home spa day!

Try out a cute face mask, paint each other’s nails, and even try some different makeup styles. *take pics!*

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Visit the Local Bookstore

I have sort of entered the book realm lately, and my latest OBSESSION has been entering bookstores.

Grab some cookies and cocoa with your bestie, and find some books that interest the two of you.

Nowadays, there are books on EVERYTHING so both of you will find something that sparks your interest.

Make Microwave Smores at Home

If you are looking for some best friend ideas activities for home, this is a great one!

Making microwave smores requires a microwave, graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallows, and plates.

I love this idea because you can combine with other at home activities on this list as well. 😉

Karaoke Session in the Car

If you and your bestie love to sing, karaoke sessions together are the way to go.

I know that when my best friend and I have the urge to sing (but don’t want to annoy our families), we go to the car!

This is one of my favorite hang out ideas with friends when we plan a roadtrip or are traveling somewhere lol.

Watercoloring and Crafts Night

As a crafty nerd, I love me some arts and crafts time with my best friend (also a fellow art nerd).

Grab some watercoloring canvases at the dollar store if you don’t have a watercoloring journal and relax with your friend at home!

Whether it is summer or winter, this best friend activity is great to do.

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Have a Photoshoot at a Nearby Park

A fun BFF date that doesn’t include going to the club or spending a lot of money, is having a photoshoot together.

You can go to a nearby park or anywhere nearby that has a pretty aesthetic.

Having a photoshoot is FREE and you can post to your social media later when you’re done!

Happy You Are Here!

I hope you enjoyed these best friend date ideas! These are some of my favorite hang out ideas with friends that are more budget-friendly.

Summary of Post: This post was all about best friend date ideas.

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