41 Joyful and Entertaining Hobbies To Take Up In Your 20s!!

This list sums up the BEST hobbies to take up in your 20s!!

hobbies to pick up in your 20s

We are covering SO MANY hobbies like ones specifically for college students, women, men, anyone chilling at home, those of us who want something easy, and more!!

As a person that gets bored easily, I wanted to include the classics.. BUT ALSO include some underrated hobbies to take up in your 20s that you haven’t heard about! Let’s begin.

We cover everything in this post about hobbies to take up in your 20s.

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Hobbies to Take Up In Your 20s: Calming Crafts for Adults

To start off this list, we have to cover some of the most calming crafts for adults!!

1. Paint By Numbers

If you have been here for a while, you will KNOW I always recommend paint by numbers.

It is fun, easy and there is a VERY SMALL chance of messing it up since it is a painting-coloring-book sort of hybrid.

2. Making Cloud Slime

Cloud slime is a DIY project that can be fun to make with your friends! There are many recipes on Pinterest to get you started.

Making cloud slime is great because you can throw it at your friends and family and they don’t get mad, haha.

3. Making Jewelry

Taking on a fun craft like jewelry-making is sure to keep you busy during your down time IF you enjoy what you make.

I personally LOVE making bracelets and necklaces and giving them to my friends!

4. Mason Jar Crafts

This craft could EASILY make a whole other post, but you can make mason jar crafts such as fairy lanterns.

There are SO MANY Pinterest pins on how to decorate a mason jar and I love it.

You can do many different crafts out of mason jars – decorate them, fill them with candy, make lights for them, etc.

5. “Knitting” With Loop-It Yarn (EASIER THAN ACTUAL KNITTING)

loop-it yarn for easy yarn knitting for non-knitters crafters
loop-it yarn for easy yarn knitting for non-knitters crafters

Have you heard of loop-it yarn?

I didn’t know what it was until I searched “hobbies to take up in your 20s” and BAM! – my eyes caught loop-it yarn.

You can make a blanket or scarf with loop-it yarn, but it is basically like unraveling the wool WITHOUT having to go through all of that yarn-knitting work.

I like to call it “Operation: Ultra Easy Yarncraft.”

Interested in EVEN MORE calming crafts for adults?  Check this post out: 9 Calming Crafts for Adults That Are Easy, Cute & Stress-Relieving

Hobbies for Women In Their 20s

I want to make it REALLY clear that anyone besides women can do the hobbies below!! The Internet knows categorizes them as “feminine” hobbies but WHO CARES WHO DOES THEM ANYWAY?

6. Bullet Journaling

bullet journaling for hobbies for women in their 20s
bullet journaling for hobbies for women in their 20s

Bullet journaling is such a great way to write down your daily goals, check off accomplishments and make lists!

I personally can’t do crazy drawings but you can put in easy things like stickers, quotes, pretty colors, etc.

This is my favorite bullet journal EVER.

This journal has really smooth pages and is the perfect size to have in my mini backpack. Bullet journaling can be a great hobby to take up in your 20s!

7. Coloring Books for Adults

I personally LOVE coloring books for adults!!

There are different coloring books such as themes (animals, sunsets, etc.), mandala and more!!

8. Scrapbooking for Women and Men

Scrapbooking is a fun idea to keep you busy!

They are really cute and memorable. You can give them to your friends, family and loved ones!

Fun Hobbies to Pick Up In Your 20s: Related to Food, Desserts, and More!

9. Baking for Fun!

Baking for fun is one of the hobbies to take up in your 20s that I have wanted to perfect. Thanks Zumbo’s Just Desserts and Cake Boss!

I love baking but I am super bad at it. This is one of the hobbies that in your 20s pays off by the time you have big house dinners and possibly have others over for food.

10. Perfecting Instant Pot Recipes

I have recently gotten an Instant Pot and I am super in love.

The instant pot WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE, I swear! You really just need to try making instant pot recipes that you like.. and BOOM; delicious food that can be made without you having to constantly monitor it!!

11. Learn To Make Cake Pops/Cupcakes and More

All you have to do is take a few online tutorials and watch some YouTube videos! I can’t wait to make cake pops, cupcakes and more.

12. Cake Decorating

Cake decorating is a fun hobby that I have yet to perfect. This could be really great for your 20s because you can save on buying an EXTRA gift and just give someone a handmade cake as a gift.

New Hobbies to Try for Women (And Everyone Else!)

13. Nail Art

I personally cannot do nail art because I am sensitive to nail polish fumes, BUT nail art is so pretty so I suck it up anyway lol.

There are a whole lot of tutorials on Instagram and Pinterest nowadays!!

14. Scented Candle Making

This is a really easy hobby that anyone can take up.

If you want to make some candles, check out this item:

This candle kit is perfect for you to make candles. Everything is included and all you have to do is just read the instructions to see what you gotta do.

Find this item on:


15. Sponge Squeezing

Sponge squeezing sounds sort of odd, but there are so many people out there who love the sound and scent of squeezing cleaning products, sponges, and more!!

16. Shaving Soap

I think shaving soap started the whole ASMR community.. Or maybe it was slime.

Well anyway, shaving soap is perfect for some because the ASMR is relaxing! Just find an ASMR video and you will see why it is trending. I always say give it a shot before you dish it out.

Relaxing List of Hobbies to Try

17. Journaling

Every morning, it would be a good idea to journal about your feelings, affirmations and goals.

I personally like to put my private thoughts in a regular journal. Then, I have a SECOND journal that is my bullet journal where I can write other parts of my life inside: recipes, goals, to-dos and more.

18. Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation are on the rise. They both can be extremely beneficial in your 20s to help you focus on what’s important.

We can’t forget to reenergize from all the #adulting we have to do in our 20s!!

19. Drawing

If you are really artistic, you might love drawing!!

Drawing can be super therapeutic if you have the patience to sit through it all.

20. Painting with Watercolor Paint and Brushes

watercoloring set for artists hobbyists who like painting and crafting
watercoloring set for artists hobbyists who like painting and crafting

Watercoloring painting is SO fun because it requires very little precision..

This specific watercoloring kit is portable and I really love the brushes that are included in it!! You just put water in the “ends” of the brushes (the opposites side than the hairs) and then start painting with the watercolors.

This form of painting is so relaxing because you don’t have to worry about being super detailed and if you mess up, it’s okay! You can just let the paint “flow” on the paper.

21. Reading

Reading is a really fun and relaxing hobby to take up in your 20s.

Some of the best books to read are:

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fck

the subtle art of not giving a f book for adults
the subtle art of not giving a f book for adults

This book is about how to pay attention to what is important in life. It is a really fun read and one of the first books that helped me get started with self-care back in college.

You Are a Bada**

You are a Badass empowering book for women in adulthood
You are a Badass empowering book for women in adulthood

This book is another one of my favorite books because it reminds you of why you are really amazing in a fun, realistic, CHILL way. I personally think it is a pretty fun read!!

22. Meditating

Meditating is another hobby for your 20s that you can take up to help you clear your mind of stress, anger, and more.

It helps you clear your mind of stress, anger, and more. Just taking five minutes a day for the meditation can really help you.

Interests and Hobbies List

23. Collecting Pins

If you are the type of person that travels a lot, you can collect souvenirs such as pins or mugs.

24. Watching Movies

Watching movies is super fun and relaxing! Some of my favorite movies are the Harry Potter series, The Lion King, anything with Will Smith, and more!

25. Playing Sports

Playing sports is a great way to stay active and make some new friends too. My favorite sports are tennis, soccer, snowboarding, and volleyball.

26. Blogging

Blogging is so fun and relaxing. You can blog about anything you want! Personally blogging has become something I do full-time, but it is a great hobby to connect with others that love what you do!!

27. Crafts and DIY Projects

Crafting is another fun way to spend your free time in your 20s. Lots of people love making bar signs, Christmas decorations, fairy lanterns, and more!! Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration.

28. Reading Books

Reading is another great way to help yourself expand your mind. You don’t have to read boring textbooks.. you can read other books like those that help you with self-care!!

29. Playing Sports

Playing sports is one of the best hobbies to take up if you are active and on the go. Do we have any other swimmers and dancers out there?

30. Traveling the World

Traveling the world is a great way to see new places and meet new people! Don’t forget that you can always go somewhere local too to save on money!!

31. Creating a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel is an awesome hobby to take up in your 20s because you get to do what you love and be creative!

One of the best decisions I HAVE EVER MADE is starting my YouTube channel. I truly love making content for all of you and I can see myself doing this for a whole lifetime!!

32. Take up surfing

If you live by the beach, you have to try surfing. I have never been able to try it (motion sickness baby!) but I hope that one day I will be able to try it out!!

33. Work on your photography skills

If you are into photography, work on enhancing your skills. You can even start a blog with tips, tricks, and more!

Best Hobbies to Take Up In College

If you are still in college, these hobbies for college students will be perfect! I know us serial hobbyists need something fun to do other than Netflix and aimlessly scrolling through Instagram.

34. Joining an Intramural Sports Team

If you are a sports fan and love to play, joining an intramural team is the best thing ever. You can make friends while doing doing a sport you love!! Check out your school’s recreation center/gym to find out more!

35. Retro/Nostalgic Video Games (for Men and Women)

I love the old salon games, Disney channel games such as building sandwiches with Stitch or the dress-up games with London from Suite Life of Zack and Cody. How about you?

I started playing these games in college when I was starting to miss home or to find out more about my college friends and how they grew up!! It is a wonderful conversation starter by the way!

36. Become an Event Coordinator

So, this one might not be an exact hobby.. but if you are looking to enter a career with a lot of balancing your time schedule, lots of room to grow your leadership skills, and wanting more hands-on experience, try joining an internship where you can start practicing all that!!

More calming self-care activities for college students: 17 Refreshing Self-Care Activities for Students In College to De-Stress

Best Hobbies to Take Up At Home

37. Start a Podcast!

Start a podcast about your favorite hobby or about something that really tickles your pickle. (lol I sound so lame)

You can make a podcast where you interview others or pair with a YouTube channel and have double the content.

38. Graphic Design

Graphic designing is another great hobby to take up in your 20s. You can use your skills for your own social media accounts, add your experience to your resume or start by making your own business details!!

I highly recommend Canva to get started on a beginner-friendly platform. You can move on to Adobe or other software later on if you wish.

39. Home Decor

Decorating your apartment/home/room is another great way to spend your free time!! You can redecorate your room to feel like you.

40. Board Games

Cards Against Humanity for people who love card games in adulthood
Cards Against Humanity for people who love card games in adulthood

Board games are a fun hobby to do at home. Cards Against Humanity and Monopoly are always by go-to when I am at home.

I guess you can include Uno.. but that’s technically a card game soooo.

41. Budgeting

Budgeting is a great hobby to take up, especially if you tend to over do it with your shopping trips!! I know I need to budget my money better now that it is the holiday season and there are a whole bunch of sales.

That Is All!

With all these hobbies to take up in your 20s, you’ll never be bored again!!

Whether you want a new hobby or need something for your free time, we hope this article has helped introduce some creative ways to spend time while staying busy with work and life. If any of these sound interesting but you don’t know where to start, let me know!

Let me know which one of these activities you try out!!

Summary of post: This post goes over hobbies to take up in your 20s.

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