25 Fun Movie Night Themes Perfect for a Party

Today we are talking all about movie night themes.

movie night theme decorations

As someone who always hosts movie nights with my friends and family, I have found that fun themes make planning easier.

Using a theme makes choosing food, dressing up, and decorating super breezy!

Enjoy choosing your favorite movie night themes today and bookmark this page for future movie nights!

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Favorite Movies Themes

1. Disney Princesses

​To start off our list of movie night themes, we have one that young kids love!  Dressing up as Princess Cinderella, Belle or Ariel always make for really cute photos.  My favorite part about this party idea is that finding party decorations is SUPER easy so HOSTING is just that much easier.

2. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Another fun way to host a movie night party is making your living room look like a chocolate factory!  Just imagine friends and family wearing the same color scheme: purple, gold or brown.  You can even take it to the next level by adding a chocolate fountain and giving folks a golden ticket invitation!

3. Harry Potter

My idea of the perfect movie night is making your home theater look MAGICAL.  The entire family can represent their wizard house (mine is Hufflepuff but another quiz said Gryffindor so I don’t even know lol).  You can find on Google which streaming services the series is playing on and have a whole Harry Potter marathon!

4. Pirates of the Caribbean

One of my favorite movie choices to enjoy on Saturday nights is a funny, action movie. While enjoying Pirates of the Caribbean on your home’s big screen, you can also setup a photo wall with a pirateship so anyone can take photos!  Your home can be decorated pirate-themed with bandanas, skeletons, barrels, and a treasure chest.

5. Parent Trap

If you are looking to have some quality family time while enjoying a classic movie, you cannot go wrong with Parent Trap.  Your next movie night, prepare an outdoor movie screen with camping bags like when they bunked in the movie!  Of course we can’t forget about the iconic “peanut butter and oreos” scene.  Everyone can wear green and white to pair with the feature film.

6. Indiana Jones

For your next family movie night, Indiana Jones themed movies are perfect for adventurers out there!  Creative ideas to include are jungle and adventure supplies such as canteens, wilderness hats, and maps!  

7. Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is the perfect disney movie to enjoy with older kids and younger kids alike.  This is the perfect opportunity to dress up in fish costumes and give your themed night an ocean theme!!  I think this makes for a perfect SUMMER movie night since it can also be pool party as well!

8. The Incredibles

If you are planning a last minute family night, The Incredibles would be great for a memorable movie night.  Most people will have red and black colored outfits in their wardrobe so that makes for perfect family and friend photos.  You can also add this to your list of family movie night ideas that are great for all ages since it is funny, kid-friendly, and dives a little into relationship dynamics adults can appreciate.

9. Toy Story

One of the best animated movies all time is Toy Story!  You can place Toy Story toys on the snack and living room tables.  You can also ask your own kids to dress up as their favorite characters like Woody, Buzz Lightyear or Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.

10. Star Wars

If your family and best friends are into action movies, you can’t go wrong with Star Wars, an epic cinematic experience.  Invitees can dress as Princess Leia or Luke Skywalker while enjoying quality time.

11. Despicable Me

Great movies such as Despicable Me are also great choices for themed movie nights. Everyone can wear yellow and spectacles!  The tables can also be decorated with yellow tablecovers and minion plates!

Movie Night Decor Themes

12. Beach

I wanted to include fun themes that could be added to your list of home movie night ideas to decorate your living room or backyard!  Perfect for a summer movie night, you can have an indoor beach or backyard beach picnic!  The color scheme could be blue (ocean) and tan (sand) with seashells, umbrellas, and beach balls as decor.  Remember to add beach chairs to watch the movie!

13. Outdoor Movie Night

For an outdoor movie night, you can set up a portable projector to display in your backyard.  You can find some new movies your whole family would enjoy!  Setup blankets or tarps, pillows and blankets on grass to enjoy the movie.

14. Red Carpet

A good idea to get into a “movie watching” sort of spirit, is pulling out a red carpet!  You can customize the whole experience by adding your own custom movie tickets for guests.  Nothing screams exclusive more than formal attire such as tuxedos and fancy dresses to send the night off.

15. Scary

If you are planning to show horror movies for Halloween, then a great way to decorate includes adding spooky decor all over your home or backyard!  You can add creepy skeletons, “Keep Out” signage, and ghosts all over!  Plus as a bonus, after you watch your Halloween movie, you can paint or carve pumpkins as a fun activity afterward.

16. String Lights

Make use of your string lights and hang them around your balcony or ceiling!  String Lights make the ambiance cozy which is perfect for watching movies during fall, winter, winter holidays or anniversaries.  Great movie genres to watch include Harry Potter or The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. 

17. Date Night

How about the best movie night ideas for a date night!?  You can enjoy a big pasta dinner while watching romantic films such as Lady and the Tramp or A Cinderella Story!  There would be no better way to decorate than adding rose petals, cozy blankets, and candles while enjoying a home movie theatre.

Looking to host the perfect date night? You will enjoy these ideas:

18. Retro Diner

In addition to this list of family movie night ideas is a retro 50’s diner movie night party!!  There is no other TRUE LOVE than the use of a nostalgic smores maker, diner chili fries, and popcorn while enjoying screen time!  You can watch your family movies or teen movies if you have teenagers at home while enjoying a diner movie night theme!

Snack Bar Themes

19. Popcorn Boxes

For your snack bar, you can add cracker jacks, caramel corn or movie theatre popcorn into popcorn boxes or popcorn bags.  I hosted a movie night the other day and found these items at the dollar store!  If you are able to enjoy this classic movie snack in these cute containers, it will take enjoying these salty snacks to the next level.

20. Ice Cream

We cannot talk about fun movie night ideas without mentioning an ice cream sundae bar!!  Having an ice cream sundae bar is perfect for people of all ages! Have toppings available such as sprinkles, chocolate chips, and syrup on your table.

21. Pizza

A staple food to pair with a movie like Mean Girls is pizza!  Think of it as a pizza movie night party!!  All you have to do is order the pizza, find utensils, and set up chairs to enjoy a great time if you are looking for easy, minimal effort.

22. Candy and Chocolate

​Candy and chocolate are a sweet tooth’s DREAM.  You can pair this sweet snack bar with a movie such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!  Decorate the snack table as Willy Wonka would with golden tickets, jars of sweets, and lots of colors!

Interested in making the PERFECT movie snack tray?! Make one here:

23. Fried Chicken

Speaking about more easy ideas to host a movie night.. why not ordering fried chicken. Have mini bowls with bbq, ranch and ketchup ready for everyone to enjoy!  You can even add your choice of chips (regular, sour cream, etc.).

24. Hot Dogs

Another great idea for a summer movie night is hot dogs!  You can lay out hot dog toppings such as ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and mustard so everyone can eat during the movie!  

25. Southern BBQ

I can’t think of a better meal that I would love to enjoy then southern bbq.  Paired with mac n cheese, salad and coleslaw, I think this is one of the best ways to watch your favorite movie at home.

Happy You Are Here!

I hope you enjoyed all these creatives ideas to host your movie night! I am always fascinated by the costume ideas and snack bar decor that come up with a theme.

Summary of Post: This post was all about movie night themes.

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