29 Lazy Date Ideas to Chill At Home in Your Pajamas

These are lazy date ideas you can do at home.

lazy day activities for couples

Is it date night and you just want to snuggle with your sweetheart at home?

If you and your partner are both not in “date idea” mode, no worries because there are many ideas to choose from that you can do from the comfort of your couch.

Enjoy these chill date ideas to have a cozy night in!

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Chill Date Ideas to Stay Lazy At Home

  • Bake mug cakes together. A simple dessert that requires little effort is making mug cakes. Just find a microwave-safe mug, add the ingredients and pop in the microwave!
  • Take a bubble bath. A relaxing lazy day activity for couples is chilling together in the bathtub.
  • Have an easy spa night. A great lazy day activity for couples is having a self care spa night. Make your life easier by using a premade home spa kit.
  • Order food and picnic. Using the backyard or patio, find a nice picnic blanket and eat your food delivery!
  • Make smores. A fun stay at home date idea for couples is making smores! Just gather graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. You can microwave them for 15 seconds. Just make sure everything is microwave safe.
  • Stargazing. Enjoy moments with your boyfriend or girlfriend as you look up at the stars from your patio or backyard. You just need a blanket and coat if it is cold out.
  • Enjoy a date night kit. How much easier can it get than a stay at home date night kit that is already prepped for you.
  • Personality Quizzes. Learn more about your personalities and things that make you tick.
  • Make a couples collage. If you are looking for cheap date night ideas at home, why not make a romantic collage of all your memories together. You just need to gather your pictures, edit on Canva, print, and then frame!
  • Enjoy back, neck, scalp massages. Untense your muscles and take turns to enjoy your stay at home date. You can start with some scalp massagers.
  • Meditate. Follow some couple meditation videos together to focus on each other.
  • Customize your popcorn seasonings. Why not go wild and look up popcorn seasonings you can mix to season your popcorn. Just pop your popcorn in the microwave (my favorite way is using this microwave popper) and add your favorite seasonings. Read more about movie night themes!
  • Stay screen free. Make a rule this evening that no one touches their phones, tablets or computers. More challenging than you think to have a tech-free date night.
  • Play video games together. Play Sims Multiplayer together while customizing your characters and make a cute home together.
  • Sing karaoke. No lazy date ideas list is complete without including karaoke. All you need is music and your beautiful voices.
  • Create a romantic blanket fort. Gather all the blankets in your home, some chairs, and make an evening of it.
  • Play Adult Mad Libs. Ever miss playing your childhood games such as Mad Libs. As adults, you can now play Adult Mad Libs.
  • Turn on the candles. Find a candle scent you both enjoy and turn on the candles! Make sure to turn them off before you sleep!
  • Enjoy a couples movie night. Turn on the movie and some romantic string lights.
  • Listen to a podcast together. Enjoy your dinner and snacks while listening to or watching your favorite podcast or shows.
  • Color in an adult coloring book. Whether you are into mandalas or relaxing sights, you can color in your books together while watching TV.
  • Write affirmations. In mason jars, write affirmation notes to each other to read in the future (or that same night if you are dying to know)!
  • Play couples board games. How about a nice evening of getting to know each other a little more with The Ultimate Game for Couples.
  • Lounge in bath robes. For ultimate lazy date ideas, get cozy in bath robes.
  • Wear slippers. Enjoy your lazy date at home with fuzzy slippers to slip your foot into. Your feet/toes will thank you.
  • Eat chocolates. Date nights can also be chocolate nights. AKA a great lazy date night idea is to munch on some delicious chocolates together while chilling on the couch.
  • Play puzzles. Unless puzzles frustrate you, try making a puzzle together!
  • Listen to calming music. Have a fun rainy date night inside by listening to chill music together.
  • Make hot chocolate. A great cozy date night idea is to make hot chocolate! Just add some mini marshallows and smile while you wait for it to be finished.

Happy You Are Here!

I hope you liked these lazy date ideas that you can do at home! The best times to have a chill date night are when it is rainy, during winter, or want to enjoy time together without distractions.

Summary of Post: This post was all about lazy date ideas.

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