60 Self Love Bucket List Ideas to Treat Yourself!

Let’s create a self love bucket list together!

self love challenge list

When you think about BUCKET LISTS, you might think of fancy trips, vacation spots, or fun activities that you can do worldwide one day.

On this blog, I talk a lot about SELF CARE, things we can do to appreciate time with ourselves and SELF LOVE.

That is why I thought it would be fun to create a SELF LOVE BUCKET LIST that encompasses all the things that you can work towards for YOURSELF.

Feel free to add these ideas into your very own self love to do list!

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The Ultimate Self Care Bucket List

Self Care Activities to Help You Relax

  • Enjoy a nice spa day (you can even have an indoor spa night for yourself)!
  • Listen to a free meditation online. Nowadays there are super short or long ones that you can find.
  • Treat yourself to a well-deserved massage! You can even gather massage tools to have your own massage days at home.
  • If your budget allows, try out a facial!
  • Try out new hairstyles that don’t look exactly like your usual look.
  • Enjoy a movie night at home with your favorite snacks.
  • Sit by a shady tree and read your favorite book outdoors.
  • Spend time at the pet store! For some reason, that helps me unwind a bit and forget about the real world lol.
  • Take a calming swim! As a swimmer, I love having a relaxing, easy swim where I don’t push myself.
  • Build yourself a blanket and pillow fort!
  • Go stargazing with snacks and yummy food!
  • Take a break off social media for an entire day. If you can do a week, even better and I’m totally impressed by you.
  • Sit alone in silence on a comfy chair outside. Reflect on things that bring you peace and happiness.
  • Write down a list of things that make you grateful that you are the awesome queen or king you are!
  • Listen to nostalgic music that means a lot to you.

Creative Self Care Ideas for Artists and Creative Souls

  • Attend a local museum or art gallery that sparks your interest.
  • Create a self care vision board about your goals and aspirations!
  • Try out an aerial silks class for fun!!
  • Attend a zumba class! If you need something more budget-friendly, follow a zumba tutorial online 🙂
  • Paint a goal that you are striving to add to your self care challenge list.
  • Write down a self care affirmations list in your bullet journal or diary! Make the page look cute and ~aesthetically pleasing~!
  • If you love BOOKS, then create a book bucket list of books you want to read this year! I personally started off reading these books here, and then expanding.
  • Try your hand at sculpting! You can sculpt that means a lot to you (ex. coffee mug for coffee lovers or a heart to represent someone’s sensitive side).
  • Visit a location that you want to live in one day. Take pictures (if allowed) to remember and manifest for the future.
  • Bake something delicious! Ex. cookies.. cookies.. or um, cookies 😉
  • Make a wall art piece to display in your living room that shares a self care quote! I also made inspirational wall art that you can put in your room (totally free btw).
  • Using watercolors, create watercolor artwork to unwind and destress.
  • Take on a creative challenge and make a self-portrait of yourself in less than 10 MINUTES!!
  • Explore a pole dancing class with a friend who is willing and able.
  • Take some photos in nature of things that remind you of yourself somehow.

Introvert Things to do for Self Love

  • Create a quiet book nook where you read your favorite books!
  • Enjoy a warm BUBBLE BATH with candles and dimmed lights.
  • Listen to an inspiring podcast!
  • Learn a new skill online for something you are struggling with (ex. I look on YouTube or Skillshare for procrastination tips or ways to be more productive).
  • Follow an online YOGA SESSION. You can choose one based on your skill or stress level.
  • Write a new page in your journal.
  • Bake a dish you have always wanted to try making.
  • Have a coffee shop day where you enjoy your favorite drink and activity! (ex. reading or drawing)
  • Volunteer for a cause you are passionate about!
  • Say no to things that you don’t want to do.
  • Treat yourself to a special dinner or dessert for just being you.
  • Start a BLOG (hehe) where you talk about things that interest you and brighten your spirit! I talk all about blogging on this post right here.
  • Make a love letter to yourself to read in 5 years.
  • Go to the mirror and post a sticky note saying something that makes you smile. Now, everytime you wake up, you will look up at this sticky note and remember 🙂
  • Make a “feel good music playlist” with songs that speak to your soul and make you happy!

Places to Travel and Enjoy Your Own Company

  • Take a day trip to an arboretum or garden!
  • Have yourself a beach day and soak up the sun! BONUS: Create a beach bucket list of all the things you want to do anytime you visit.
  • Visit a local art museum! Nowadays there are museums for everything 😛
  • Relax while enjoying the view of a WATERFALL.
  • Enjoy a calming swim at a lake!
  • Visit a location that reminds you of home. For me, it would be somewhere where there is tons of brick architecture and tiny villages that remind me of Christmas.
  • If you are creating a self care summer bucket list, maybe add a lakeside resort to your ideas!
  • Explore a mountain town if you are looking for a refreshing city escape.
  • Try finding a spa airbnb that you can relax in.
  • Look around a small village that peaks your interest. ~ Currently wanting to visit the location that inspired Gilmore Girls 😀 ~
  • As a city girl, I think it peaks my interest how the countryside would feel like!
  • Have a pool party with friends at an airbnb! You can also take a look at these self care ideas with friends.
  • Rent out an airbnb of a treehouse!
  • Visit a cozy cabin in the woods. I would prefer one with glamping just because I’m basic and high-maintenance like that LOL.
  • Spend the night at a beach house and enjoy the view on the porch deck.

Happy You Are Here!

I hope you enjoyed these self love bucket list ideas! This list of things to do for self love is perfect to do during winter, spring, summer or fall! Just have to write them down and incorporate them into your self care routine or goals sheet!

Summary of Post: This post was all about self love bucket list.

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