Winter Ottoman Decor Ideas for Your Living Room | After Christmas Time!

Let’s talk all about winter ottoman decor ideas!

winter decor ideas for your ottoman

As someone who lives in a small apartment, I look forward to decorating my ottoman for all holidays.

I think we can all agree that decorating after Christmas, can feel a bit difficult because Christmas is such a magical time..

But, I wanted to attempt to bring back the magic of decorating after the holiday season to your home.

Soo, let’s pack up the Christmas decorations and bring out the winter tray decor to your living room!

*Personally, I am a “marble and silver aesthetic” girl with winter decor but I tried to include some light blue wherever I could ;)*

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Ottoman Decor Ideas for the Winter

Choose an Ottoman Tray

ottoman serving tray decor

The most important thing to have on your ottoman is a serving tray of some sort.

While any color will do, having a marble, white or silver ottoman tray will make things easier for you when you decorate and will become a ottoman decor staple in your living room!

You can opt to get a round tray, rectangle marble tray, or white rectangle tray depending on what decor you plan to put on it; be weary of size!

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Display a Flower Vase

With flowers, I have a vase similar to this clear cylinder vase and I love putting it on my ottoman with fake flowers.

If you have a fabric ottoman instead of a coffee table ottoman, I would choose to display fake flowers so you aren’t worrying that someone will accidentally knock down your decor!

You can always opt to get a more decorative vase like this geometric white vase or these stylish marble vases depending on your other decor.

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Choose Artificial Flowers That You Like

For some reason, I have been on an artificial flowers craze and noticed I love the appearance of chrysanthemums.

You can choose to add fake white chrysanthemums, artificial multi-colored chrysanthemums, or fake eucalyptus to your vases since they look cozy and winter.

Be careful with real flowers as the water can spill if an accident happens (and yes that happened to me so I would opt to not do this lol).

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Style Your Tray with a Candle

after christmas winter decorating ideas

As a major candle lover, I hesitating recommending all my favorite candles here because I know everyone has different smell preferences (and I can’t mention all 100 of them).

Soooo, I opted to share nice aesthetically pleasing candles from White Barn and Cheseapeake Bay since they give WINTER VIBES; be careful with animals and danger in general though pls.

And of course I had to share some battery-operated fake candles because sometimes there is someone in the house that can’t stand strong smells!!

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Add a Candle Holder or Lantern

I can’t mention candles without mentioning candle holders or lanterns!

These silver plate candle holders, light blue lantern or silver lanterns with fake candles are perfect decorative ottoman tray ideas.

I can honestly say that my living room ottoman decor looks so much nicer with these pieces.

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Accessorize with Ottoman Tray Decor Pieces

Besides the ottoman tray, I think a must-have to decorate your ottoman for the winter is a fuzzy white blanket; it just looks so good!!

You can also add a plushie, or another plushie like a cute polar bear plushie, to bring more life and cuteness to a living room, apartment or house!

A final touch could be adding winter snowflakes decor for a dash of winter spirit.

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Cozy Up Your Ottoman with a Cookie Jar

cozy winter ottoman tray styling

If you want to make your living room feel more cozy and warm, I would strongly suggest adding a cookie jar into your winter home decorations ideas.

If you want to get a cookie jar similar to the one I have, look into this white cookie jar.

Of course, this traditional looking cookie jar is adorable as well!

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Happy You Are Here!

I hope you enjoyed these winter decor ideas. I love decorating my ottoman tray every year and I hope this post gives you inspiration to enjoy “after Christmas” decorating.

Summary of Post: This post was all about winter ottoman decor ideas.

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