Winter Wonderland Gift Basket Ideas *Snow Themed Gift*

This post is all about winter wonderland gift basket ideas.

winter gift basket ideas

‘Tis the season to think about gift ideas that look cute and cozy.. while being on a budget!

We all know the struggle far too well but alas, we must succumb to the gift basket elves and make an incredible snowy and winter themed basket.

Join me as I help you brainstorm cute or practical items to place in your gift arrangement!!

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Winter Basket Ideas

Cozy Winter Ideas

dollar tree gift box ideas

Depending on the size of your gift basket, you may opt to place small to medium-sized knick knacks throughout your basket.

I love to first get a bigger sized winter item (like a fluffy throw blanket) and then add additional smaller pieces that fill up the rest of the space (such as a candle).

Some great holiday gift ideas for your basket are these down below.

Ideas to get you started:

  1. Candles
  2. White or blue mugs
  3. Pillows
  4. Fuzzy Throw Blankets
  5. Seasonal Room Air Freshener
  6. Pajamas

Snacks and Candy

cozy christmas gift basket | stay warm gift basket ideas

Some of the best things to fill up your gift basket are candy, desserts and snacks!!

Anyone will love seeing them in their gift basket and they make for a great charcuterie board for family dinners.

The best way to uphold the Winter Wonderland aesthetic, is by aiming for treats that are blue, white or silver (if possible)!

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Ideas to get you started:

  1. Hot Chocolate Packets
  2. Rice Krispy Treats
  3. Marshmallows
  4. Flavored Popcorn
  5. Sprinkles
  6. Chocolate Chips
  7. Peppermint Patties
  8. Mini Powdered Donuts
  9. Sugar Cookies
  10. Pretzels or Pretzel Sticks
  11. Madeleines
  12. Starbucks Gift Card
  13. Candy Canes

Dollar Store Ideas

snow winter gift ideas | warm and cozy

While the idea of placing extravagant things in a gift basket appeals to some, I also understand being strapped for cash during the holiday season.

One of the best things about having a gift basket is that you can spread a set amount of money to get a bunch of things.

I would say it is the best of both worlds; lots of cozy items packaged beautifully in a winter themed basket.

Ideas to get you started:

  1. Fuzzy Socks
  2. Scarves
  3. Loofah
  4. Liquid Soap Bottle
  5. Scented Lotion
  6. Chapsticks
  7. Disposable Slippers
  8. Shredded Tissue Paper
  9. White Ribbon (formed into a bow)
  10. Mittens
  11. Mini Stuffed Animals

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Winter Ornaments

winter dollar store gift basket ideas

During the Christmas and holiday season, there are numerous ornaments going on sale left and right.

Christmas ornaments are perfect decor pieces for your gift basket!!

If you chose to go with the winter wonderland colors, you can add christmas ornaments that act as accents for your basket!

Ideas to get you started:

  1. Gingerbread
  2. Snowflakes
  3. Polar Bears
  4. Pine Cones
  5. Reindeer
  6. Icicles
  7. Ice Skates

Summary of Post: This post was all about winter wonderland gift basket ideas.

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