85 Winter Self Care Ideas to Shake Off the Winter Blues

Let’s talk all about winter self care ideas.

self care ideas for winter

Every new season has different challenges when it comes to self care time.

I know during winter, I am always asking myself how to have a cozy self care day since it is the holiday season!

Let’s talk all about fun or easy self care ideas to add to your winter bucket list!

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Cozy Self Care Ideas for the Winter Blues

Winter Self Care Routine Ideas

  • Make yourself a cup of hot cocoa to start off your morning.
  • Create a self care bath routine!
  • Read a cozy book before heading to bed. These are my favorite book recommendations for beginners.
  • Add winter walks to your morning routine to start your morning wide and awake.
  • Declutter areas of your home that have too much going on.
  • Decorate your home with fun winter decor. Try giving your ottoman a winter aesthetic!
  • Find a winter makeup look that you can apply easily and quickly!
  • Grab yourself a tumbler to help staying hydrated. This Simple Modern tumbler is my FAVORITE, aesthetically pleasing tumbler ever.
  • Add quick 5-minute or 10-minute self care ideas to your morning or night routine.
  • Implement morning stretches!
  • Make time for skincare and facial cleansing. My go-to “guru” for everything skincare is Hyram on youtube.
  • Prep your bed in the mornings so it is ready to go for cozy sleeping time.
  • Buy this MOSITO alarm clock with wireless charging so you can stay off your phone more at night and mornings. An alarm clock DEFINITELY helps me stay off my phone in the mornings. I’m very sensitive to changing my mood in the morning so I 100% recommend this.
  • Wear a spritz of a winter perfume or fragrance.
  • Add time to exercise to stay warm and energized.

Cold Weather Self Care Ideas

  • Take a warm and cozy bath!
  • Create a bonfire at the beach or backyard. Nowadays you can use a tabletop fire pit and use it outdoors in the backyard (or indoors but I would be safe about it).
  • Wear fuzzy socks to stay warm.
  • Stay warm by dancing to your favorite music for a few minutes.
  • Try your hand at making a blog! I talk all about tips on this post here.
  • Make smores inside with a Nostalgia indoor smores maker!
  • Have a fluffy robe nearby for those chilly, cold weather days.
  • Journal or read by the fireplace.
  • Try out different cafe locations for ultimate cozy vibes!
  • Make yourself some calming tea.
  • Create winter paint by numbers art indoors!
  • Do some light winter bullet journaling.
  • Enjoy a warm bubble bath at home.
  • Chill out in a jacuzzi.
  • Create a self care bullet journal for yourself.

Winter Self-Love Ideas

  • Write in your journal about battling those winter blues.
  • Take a well-deserved nap on your comfy couch or bed.
  • Practice self-reflection in the mirror.
  • Try new winter hairstyles that help boost your motivation and aura for the day.
  • Create a cozy space in your room or living room dedicated to self-care.
  • Read inspiring or self-help books. My favorite book to read currently is Atomic Habits because I am trying to stay consistent in working towards goals (currently reading for the 2nd time).
  • Add a bullet journal page dedicated to gratitude for yourself this past year.
  • Try online winter meditation sessions!
  • Write love letters to yourself 5 years from now.
  • Reach out to friends you haven’t spoke to in a while.

Holiday Season Self Care Activities

  • Bake holiday season themed cookies! Perfect activity to do with friends and family during Christmas or Hannukah (among other holidays).
  • Finish a puzzle with a cozy theme.
  • Take photos in places that are decorated for the for the winter months.
  • Play festive board games at the dinner table.
  • Volunteer at food banks or shelters.
  • Try your hand at making arroz con leche (“rice pudding” offends me as a Latina because store-bought does NOT taste homemade to me lol).
  • Decorate your house with holiday scented candles!
  • Have a festive movie night with you favorite holiday favorites.
  • Meal prep with your go-to holiday meal.
  • Create a holiday playlist!
  • Clean your home while listening to festive season tunes.
  • Take part in making holiday crafts as a family or friend unit.
  • Collect small holiday houses to make a winter village.
  • Make a bullet journal entry to your favorite cold weather holiday.
  • Create a winter, Christmas or Hanukkah wreathe for your front door.

Winter Bucket List Ideas

  • Go ice skating with friends or family.
  • Make snow angels!
  • Enjoy a fun sledding day.
  • Attend a winter concert you have been wanting to see.
  • Have an adventurous day and go skiing.
  • Explore museums that are local or a little more distant (if willing and able).
  • Visit a spa and enjoy those warm essential oils or hot rocks treatment!
  • Take a scenic drive in locations nearby that are decorated (ex. Candy Cane Lane).
  • Try aerial yoga (I personally believe it looks as hard as it looks lol).
  • Have a winter photoshoot with your favorite peeps.
  • Make a snowman outside (or travel somewhere WITH snow).
  • Go on a winter road trip to your campsite!
  • Make a real-life gingerbread house!
  • Create a mini winter wonderland in your home.
  • Attend a holiday parade.
  • Build a blanket and pillow fort with chairs around your place!
  • Have a spa night at home.
  • Host a holiday karaoke night!
  • Cook 1 new winter-inspired dish.
  • Attend a food festival.

Winter Break Self Care Ideas

  • Try out some of these calming crafts for adults.
  • Have a picnic with warm, tasty foods like tamales or soup.
  • Enjoy nature and go star gazing!
  • Learn to sew blankets or scarves. If you don’t know how to sew, you will LOVE Loop it Yarn (watch tutorials online and you will see how easy it is).
  • Write a song or practice a song on a musical instrument.
  • Create a scrapbook with family/friend photos, winter stickers, yarn, and paper decor.
  • Make a cozy and warm book nook for you to read or journal.
  • Try out these self care activities for adults to have fun or relax.
  • Read an entire book series!
  • Make yourself the perfect Lazy Sunday EVERYDAY.

Happy You Are Here!

Well those were all the easy winter self care ideas! I hope these self care ideas helped alleviate the winter blues, were added to your bucket list, and are a blast to do in cold weather. Enjoy the rest of your winter months and REMEMBER to implement these into your self care routine so you look forward to doing these ideas DAILY.

Summary of Post: This post was all about winter self care ideas.

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