15 FUN At Home Spa Ideas for Him | Spa Date Night

spa day with boyfriend at home

Sooo, let’s talk all about these at home spa ideas for him!!

Sometimes the best way to treat out your guy is treating him IN to a spa date night at home!

As much as we love being showered with romantic picnics and poems, your boyfriend would also love a spa day after a busy week of work or school.

That’s why I wanted to give you these awesome, fun ideas to relax at home with your favorite person.

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Spa Day Ideas with Boyfriend at Home

Scented Candles

One of the most essential parts of having a spa date night is having scented candles!

You can grab a few flameless tea lights or light a cute boyfriend candle!

Either way, it will improve your self-care spa!

Idea to get you started:

Back Massage

What is an at-home spa, without a massage?!

You can opt to give your guy a nice back and neck massage with some nicely scented lotion.

Orrr, you can gift them a neck and back massager to help de-stress after a stressful work week and enjoy a date without tech!

Idea to get you started:

Spa Gift Basket

A great addition to a spa date night at home is a gift basket!

Everyone likes gifts, especially nice-smelling ones that make your face feel baby-soft.

Give him a men’s grooming kit and try it out during your spa night!

Idea to get you started:

Bubble Bath

I don’t care how old someone is, I refuse to believe one does not like a nice bubble bath!!

Depending on your boyfriend’s scent preferences, you can fill the bath with your loved one’s favorite scent.

You can always opt for a nice cedarwood gentleman bath!

Idea to get you started:

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Follow a Home Spa Kit

The easiest way to have an at-home spa is to have a self-care kit!

I like how this one has different options to help you recreate a spa at home (perfect for a lazy Sunday).

Try this home spa kit.

Idea to get you started:

Spa Bath Robe

It would seem that the proper “spa attire” includes something fuzzy and warm.

A nice cozy bath robe would be perfect to get in the spa mood.

You can always get 2 to make it couples robes!

Idea to get you started:

Scalp Massage

While a nice back massage is very tell-tale of a spa, who says scalp massages aren’t?!

Have you had someone stroke their fingers through your hair after a stressful day; magic I tell you.

Try giving your partner a scalp massager which is perfect for self-care!

Idea to get you started:

Fun Couple Games

In a “normal spa”, there are no games or food of your choice.

That is why in an at-home spa, you can do even more fun things like play couple games!

Test your competitiveness in a fun way with a couples game like this one.

Idea to get you started:

Pedicure and Nail Trim

Of course you can opt to paint your boyfriend’s nails with pink nail polish and say screw you society and the status quo.

Grab the nail polish and give your guy a nice pedicure and nail trim!

Give them a pedicure set as a gift and *just maybe* he can bring it over again and treat you to a pedicure too.

Idea to get you started:

Foot Massage

One of the first things I added to my self-care area is a foot massager.

While a foot massager is great for a spa day with boyfriend at home, it can also be used afterward too.

AKA, an investment that keeps on giving.. to your feet. *slightly ashamed I said that on the internet*

Idea to get you started:

Face Mask and Movie

I don’t know anything that is more cute than enjoying a movie while wearing face masks.

~ enter these cute animal face masks ~

Take pictures with these during your indoor date and frame them for when you go down memory lane!

Idea to get you started:

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Spritz Cologne

If your boyfriend loves candles and bath salts, then he might also enjoy having a nice cologne to wear after his spa day!

This is the perfect opportunity to get him a scent that you also love so he can wear it around you again 😉

For cologne ideas, try out this Nautica blue cologne.

Idea to get you started:

At-Home Spa Set

I used to assume that the limits of spa ideas are massages and face masks.. but there is more.

You can enjoy a nice at-home spa set with your person with hand gloves, foot socks, and more.

A really nice self care night idea!

Idea to get you started:

Make a Shaving Station

Alright imagine this.. you want to give your boyfriend the greatest spa date the world has ever seen.

Alas, he grooms his beard and all the hairs disperse across the bathroom sink and table.

Help your boyfriend feel nicely shaved and get him this beard bib so you can continue to love him.

Idea to get you started:

Prepare some Calming Tea

As a person that only drinks Arizona tea as my form of tea, I knew that not everyone thought like me.

Spas are supposed to feel calming and refreshing, and tea says that by itself.

Prepare some tea for your partner like this tea and have a lazy date night.

Idea to get you started:

Happy You Are Here!

Hope you liked these spa night ideas at home!

Summary of Post: This post was all about at home spa ideas for him.

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