20 Ideas to PERFECT Your Self Care Bath Routine

Let’s talk all about making a self care bath routine.

self care shower routine

One of the best things that takes my night routine to the next level is taking a nice, calming bath.

Baths are WAY more than just filling the bath with bubbles and laying there, literally soaking it all in.

I FIRMLY BELIEVE that the BEFORE and AFTER of a nice bubble bath is EQUALLY (if not more so) important than the DURING.

These are the BEST relaxing ideas to add to your self care bath routine!

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Best Self Care Bath Ideas to Treat Yourself

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1. Why You NEED a Bath Tray or Side Table

One of the MOST IMPORTANT things you need to include in your self care bath routine is a bath tray or side table. When you’re in the bath enjoying your soak, you will want a place to have your electronics, books, or bath products.

This FOLDABLE and WATERPROOF bath tray is perfect to have with you during bath time. There have been consumer reviews that said they bought it for the price and it has a similar style and quality as other bath trays.

2. Get a COLOR CHANGING Light for Bath

WHEN I TELL YOU getting a multi colored light for your room is the big move.. it really is. I mean who wouldn’t like a colorful bath to chill and relax in?!

I particularly loved this online review from a self-proclaimed fancy lady saying how much she loved these waterproof, multi-colored lights (and she included a video using them.. BONUS).

3. Invest in a Bath Pillow (You’ll Thank Me)

I don’t know anything more luxury to include in your self care bath ritual than a bathtub pillow! As someone who cramps easily neck-wise, it is so nice to have a bath pillow for my head and neck.

A lot of bath pillows only support your neck but this particular bath pillow extends a good part down your back too WHICH I’M VERY PICKY ON.

4. Treat Yourself to Snacks and Drinks

The IDEAL WAY to prep for a relaxing, lazy bath is to grab your favorite snacks and drinks. For me, I love to enjoy a delicious plate of chips and put it beside me while I’m bathing. Just grab for whatever interests you!

5. SPICE Up the Ambiance with Candles or Fairy Lights

Your bathroom’s ambiance is 80% of the bathing experience and CANNOT BE IGNORED. A clean bathroom with lit candles or fairy lights will make your bath experience so relaxing.

6. Wear a PLUSH Bath Robe

In order to create a self care bath routine that lasts, you will want to have bath routine products that you ABSOLUTELY LOVE and won’t just throw away.

Seriously consider getting this plush bath robe for the full at home spa experience when you are INSIDE our OUTSIDE of the bath. Even to add to your shower routine!

7. Dedicate a Specific Day to Your Bath Routine

Self care baths and you-time can only go so far if you aren’t CONSISTENT. Choose a day, such as a self care Sunday, that best fits for your schedule (and doesn’t disrupt with everyone else’s) so you enjoy some well-deserved YOU TIME.

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8. Shower Scalp Massagers are GAME-CHANGERS

When you’re having a bath at home, it is always a great idea to include some massage tools into your self care. For a self care bath routine, adding massage tools that you can use while enjoying a soak can make a HUGE difference.

This SILICONE scalp massager is great to use while you’re in water. I also use mine to apply shampoo!

9. Why a Bath Music Playlist is ESSENTIAL

Unless you want to sit in a bathtub and enjoy the peace and quiet, you might want to think about making yourself a music playlist for bathtime. You can use spa music, your favorite tunes, or whatever helps your decompress.

10. Bath Journals Hit Different

As someone who has a self care bullet journal, I absolutely take advantage of my bathtime to doodle and decorate my journal. This is the perfect time to vent, reflect, or give yourself happy notes of encouragement.

11. Read a Nice Book While Enjoying the Bath

If I’m not journaling or binge-watching TV, you’ll probably find me reading a book. Pop open your favorite self care book (or whatever books you love to read) and read while you’re enjoying the warm water.

Want to start a READING HABIT? This post can help you get started:

12. Have Hairties and Hair Clips ON DECK

If you are a long-haired gal or gentleman, you will want to have hairties and hairclips near you. I dread the feeling of having my hair get stuck behind my back SOAKING IN WATER when I’m trying to relax.

13. Add Your Favorite Bath Salts or Bubble Bath Soap

Any great bath routine for wellness needs bath salts or foaming bath. Grab whatever scents and formulas that work well with your skin.

If you love to take your relaxing soaks at NIGHT and aren’t sensitive to fragrances, Dr. Teal’s Foaming Bath and Epsom Salts is a great one to choose to unwind from a long day or week.

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14. Make Your Bath EXTRA BUBBLY

If you are able to make your bath EXTRA BUBBLY, definitely do it! It’s always a fun experience to play with the bubbles and make a bubble beard when you’re in the bathtub for a while!!

15. Dim the Lights

Bathing with the lights on is one thing.. but bathing with the lights dimmed and candles in the background is another. You deserve to have a time when you can just soak and not feel the heaviness of lights around you.

16. Wear a Face Mask

Since you’re going to be waiting in the bathtub for a while, why not wear a face mask?

If you are trying to have an at home spa day, you can enjoy one of Epielle’s spa kits.

17. Warm to Hot Temperature is Just Right

Unless your bathtub has the ability to stay the same temperature for a long time, the water will start cooling after a while. I would say the perfect temperature isn’t too hot, but hot enough where it will take a little longer for the water to cool.

18. Have a Basket or Box for Bath Essentials

Now that you have your hairclips, bath robes, and face masks, where are they all going to go? Make a DIY self care bath basket for yourself that has all of your bath essentials ready to go for the next time!

19. Take it NEXT LEVEL with a Luxury Bath Towel

If you are going to have an at home spa day with a bath, might as well go ALL OUT. Get out of the tub snuggling a nice luxury bath towel before changing into your robe or regular clothes.

20. Remember to Moisturize After

The one thing that I always forget to do after taking a bath or shower is MOISTURIZING. Remember to apply lotion or cream after getting in the tub.

Happy You Are Here!

I hope you loved PERFECTING your self care bath routine with me! It was really fun to think of cozy ideas for you.

Summary of Post: This post was all about making a self care bath routine.

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