12 Shower Routine Products Every Girl or Guy Needs

Let’s talk all about shower routine products.

best shower routine products

Let’s face it.. everyone does the basic shower routine.

You soak in the shower, apply shampoo and conditioner, add body wash, and then you’re done, RIGHT?!

What if I told you there is WAY more you can add to your shower routine products to PERFECT getting ready in the morning or winding down at night.

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Best Shower Routine Products

Our Top 3 Shower Routine Products in Order

In a hurry and want to know our top recommendations? We go in WAY MORE depth afterward but you can take a peek here:

#1 madesmart Small Soft Grip Tote for Shower

madesmart shower caddy for your weekly shower routine
I love this shower caddy because it has a soft grip for carrying and HOLES for water drainage. Here is a picture of the holes at the base.

#2 Maxsoft Hair Scalp Massager / Shampoo Brush

Maxsoft hair scalp massager shampoo brush on Amazon for shower products every girl needs
The reason I put this scalp massager in the top 2 is because it COMPLETES the shower experience.

#3 Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber for Cleaning Showers

Rubbermaid Cordless Battery Power Scrubber to Scrub Shower for what should your shower routine be
In order to enjoy a CLEAN SHOWER, definitely invest into this power scrubber to clean out shower gunk.

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Body Wash for Sensitive Skin

As someone with sensitive skin, I can’t use body washes, shampoo, conditioner or perfumes with lots of fragrances. If you are like me and are sensitive to a lot of products, I wanted to give you an option that didn’t have fragrances or heavy chemicals.

  • My FAVORITE body wash that I have been using for over 10 years is the Dove hypoallergenic body wash for sensitive skin.
  • I ALWAYS stock up on this body wash after my dermatologist recommended it to me in middle school.
  • Price – $$ (since this one is in a bundle)

BEST Shower Caddy

Whether you live in a college dorm, apartment or house, I firmly believe everyone NEEDS a shower caddy. It is so convenient to have ONE PLACE where your shampoo, conditioner, loofah, lotion, and face washing essentials are located. DEFINITELY recommend one if you live with family or roommates and don’t want to share.

My favorite shower caddy that I have had for almost 3 years now is this specific madesmart soft grip tote! I have received so many compliments over it and my mom even got one for herself.

Are you a COLLEGE STUDENT interested in self-care? These are for you:

Scalp Shower Massagers

Here at Just Taty Things, WE LOVE SELF-CARE. If you haven’t tried out scalp shower massagers, you are truly MISSING OUT on the at home spa experience.

I absolutely love this Maxsoft shampoo brush (even though I also use it for massaging my scalp when I need some spa time). Consumer reviews have also said they were careful not to create knots by using gentle pressure.

Shower Body and Back Brush

  • I like that this brush has a BRISTLE side and a LOOFAH side. Having both means you can opt to have a GENTLE SCRUB or more FIRM SCRUB.
  • Price – $

I thought this online review for the body brush was funny and had to share so you know all the THOUGHTS.

Check Current Price HERE

Best Shampoo and Conditioner DUO

  • I am a Pantene shampoo and conditioner girl so I had to mention this one!
  • Smell is nice and leaves my hair feeling smooth.
  • If you can get the shampoo and conditioner duo TOGETHER, then opt to get a bigger size since you will use it ALL THE TIME.
  • Price – $$ (in a bundle)

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Want more SELF-CARE SPA ideas? Find more here:

Best Post-Shower Product Recommendations

Luxury Towels

  • If you are willing and able, definitely invest into some nice LUXURY towels!
  • We all shower on the regular, so why not TREAT YOURSELF every time you take a shower.
  • You can use these for baths, showers, or at home spa days.
  • Price – $$

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At Home Spa Kit

  • Everyone needs a little at home spa kit for when you are FRESHLY OUT of the shower.
  • This kit comes with masks and gloves, among other things to treat yourself afterward.
  • There are also other spa kits to choose from from Epielle.
  • Price – $

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Read Customer Reviews about others winding down after their shower.

Shower Power Scrubber for CLEANING

We cannot just talk about shower routine products without mentioning the elephant in the room.. shower gunk. In order to FULLY enjoy a nice, hygienic shower, you want to have a power scrubber to get all the crevices and corners.

When I tell you all that it feels so NICE to walk into a clean shower thanks to this Rubbermaid shower power scrubber, I mean it! Other online consumers even say that it is great even when you’re lazy.


  • I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t feel like the coziest, baddest B with a faux fur collar on their robe while pampering at night.
  • One of the best shower routine products you can invest in is a plush robe because you will be using it almost every day (depending on how often your shower routine is).
  • Price – $$

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Post-Shower Lotion

As someone who tends to neglect this step in my shower routine, moisturizing after your shower is necessary! I have really sensitive skin so I only use this Cerave Moisturizing Lotion because it is a nice, watery lotion (not too creamy and oily which I LOATHE).

CUTE Bow Headbands

Bow Face Headbands from WSYUB for shower routine in order
  • As someone who loves neutral and baby or pastel colored things, these bow headbands are so aesthetically pleasing.
  • Having headbands makes me excited to get out of the shower and start my face cleansing routine!
  • Price – $

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Happy You Are Here!

I hope you found one of these shower routine products your next FAVORITE THING.

Summary of Post: This post was all about shower routine products.

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