60 CHEAP Self-Care Birthday Ideas to ENJOY By Yourself

Let’s talk all about self-care birthday ideas!

what to do on your birthday alone with no money

Are you trying to figure out what to do on your birthday alone with no money?

There are so many low-cost and FREE ways to make your birthday special for yourself without breaking the bank.

On this blog, I talk a lot about self-care ideas so it only felt natural to cook up this big list of self-care birthday ideas for you!

Let’s begin.

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What to Do On Your Birthday Alone on a Budget

  1. Bake cookies using at home ingredients.
  2. Visit the dollar store and grab cake mixes to do at home.
  3. Binge-watch your favorite movies (without anyone telling you otherwise!)
  4. Watch an early-bird movie at the theaters.
  5. Find birthday coupons at your favorite restaurants.
  6. Make a DIY birthday banana split at home.
  7. Prepare a nice bubble bath.
  8. Find fun ice cream toppings at the dollar store and make a ice cream sundae bar!
  9. Unwind and nap.
  10. Splurge a bit on dollar store snacks.
  11. Enjoy an at home spa day with lotion, foam rollers, face masks or anything you already have lying at home.
  12. Do a birthday meditation (plenty of videos online).
  13. Wear a relaxing face mask.
  14. Create a birthday page on your self-care bullet journal.
  15. Light up your favorite candle.
  16. Try out an online zumba class video.
  17. Write birthday affirmations for yourself.
  18. Look up new recipes online with ingredients you have at home.
  19. Make yourself hot chocolate at home.
  20. Give yourself a manicure or pedicure with BIRTHDAY COLORS.
  21. Sing your heart out with karaoke.
  22. Have a relaxing shower with your favorite music.
  23. Re-read your favorite book (or buy a new one you have been wanting to read if the budget allows).
  24. Buy yourself one flower.
  25. Grab massage tools at the dollar store.
  26. Make a birthday time capsule and open 10 birthdays from now!
  27. Wear your favorite outfit.
  28. Try out a microwave mug cake (I saw them at the dollar store once).
  29. Make yourself a birthday card.
  30. Enjoy a meal during sunset.
  31. Have a mini photoshoot using self-timer.
  32. Buy yourself a $5 birthday self-care gift!
  33. Walk around relaxing parts of your town (ex. park).
  34. Wear a spritz of perfume.
  35. Make microwave smores!
  36. Try a paint by numbers kit.
  37. Wear a fun, fluffy robe.
  38. Make a diy face roller.
  39. Play video games at home.
  40. Walk through the $5 aisle at Target.
  41. Make a wall collage with awesome memories.
  42. Have a beach picnic or bike ride!
  43. Make your birthday special for yourself with your favorite at-home meal.
  44. Play with your pets!
  45. Bake birthday cupcakes for yourself.
  46. Wear a cozy birthday dinner outfit.
  47. Try painting a birthday canvas with watercolors from the dollar store.
  48. Watch an online yoga video.
  49. Find a new introvert hobby.
  50. Place 2 cucumbers on your eyes (like they do in the movies!)
  51. Enjoy a backyard picnic.
  52. Adopt a pet (if you can are able and willing to give them a great home)!
  53. Play nostalgic games that bring back memories.
  54. Follow an online dance class.
  55. Reflect and journal about growth you have made since last year’s birthday.
  56. Listen to your favorite music.
  57. Get some early sleep.
  58. Try out a 5 minute self-care idea.
  59. Have a solo self-care night.
  60. Take a morning hike at sunrise.

Happy You Are Here!

I hope you enjoyed this birthday self-care checklist. These are some great ways to surprise yourself on your birthday.

Summary of Post: This post was all about self-care birthday ideas.

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