12 Screen Free Date Night Ideas To Get Off the Phone!!

This post is all about screen free date night ideas.

screen free date night

Let’s start off saying a huge thank you to mobile devices everywhere.. without TV’s, phones, or tablets this post wouldn’t have even existed.

Everyone always talks about Netflix and Chill, but how about the times when we want to just stay off our phones?

These are some great ideas to enjoy a screen free day with your favorite person.

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Best Tech Free Indoor Date Ideas

1. Bonding Time with a Blanket Fort

Let’s start this list off with a BANG. Have you ever thought about why little kids are so happy? It is probably because of all the blanket forts they create. Make a HUGE blanket fort with your favorite person. You can also have a romantic outing in a giant teepee.

2. Enjoy a Couples At-Home Spa Night

This lazy date idea requires you to gather all the spa tools around your home such as back scratchers or neck/back massagers. Or, you can buy some online before your date (ha, loophole). Enjoy a screen free day WITH A SPA!

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3. Bake Romantic Desserts Together

A proper screen free date night isn’t complete without SNACKS. Crack open some eggs and baking mix and get baking together. If needed, print out the recipes ahead of time so you won’t use your phone, tablet or computer during.

4. Make a Backyard Picnic with String Lights

A really fun and yummy screen free activity that you can do is make a backyard picnic. Yes, I’m talking peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a picnic basket. Set up some fairy curtain lights for the ultimate romance experience!

5. Play Romantic Music and DANCE!

A great activity that won’t break the bank is dancing to romantic tunes together. Not only do you find out what dancing skills your partner has, but you get a free date idea at home. Cute and cheap, the best combo.

6. Couples Self-Care Night with Face Masks

I know people usually think of self-care as spa related activities, but it really is more than that! You can do other self-care activities such as using face masks or journaling together. Dim the lights to create a romantic ambiance.

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7. Break a Sweat with Couples Yoga

One of the most physical and [I think] funny screen free date night ideas on this list is couples yoga. Choose a few poses or exercises ahead of time. Then, pull out yoga mats, yoga blocks, and your trust in people!

8. Play Adult Mad Libs (Optional: No Laughing Challenge)

If you and your boyfriend or girlfriend want a good chuckle, then you will love playing Adult Mad Libs. Get your creative juices flowing while eating snacks. You can also make the game more difficult by introducing the “no laughing” rule.

9. Create a Cute Scrapbook Indoors

Making a cute scrapbook is a cozy introvert date idea at home. Print out a bunch of photos and use a scrapbook. After you decorate your scrapbook together, you will have a cute scrapbook that you can share with others and fill with more time together!

10. Style Each Other with Clothes You ALREADY Have

One of the best free date night ideas is styling your partner in a different way. You can have fun and style them in a completely ridiculous way. Or, adventure out and show them what kind of clothes you think they style great in.

11. ZEN Out While Meditating Together

Meditating is a great self-care activity.. but it also makes for an interesting activity together. Another great no money date night idea. You just have to find a YouTube video ahead of time and press play. You will both either feel relaxed, laugh, or bask in the awkwardness (and then laugh).

12. Play Board Games and Card Games

Now for the classic screen free date night ideas. When all else doesn’t appeal to you, just grab for board games and card games. They are still really fun and bring out the fun, competive energy out of both of you.

Happy You Are Here!

I hope you loved these screen free day ideas! These were really fun to brainstorm and make for you.

Summary of Post: This post was all about screen free date night ideas.

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